A Much-Needed Weekend

Monday, July 13, 2015

After a very busy week, working overtime a couple of days and coming home feeling like there wasn't enough time left in the day to really relax, this weekend was just what I needed. Spontaneity, new clothes, a trip downtown, and good company.


My Friday yoga class is my new favorite thing. I go straight from work to the gym and am able to immediately unwind and forget about all of my week's troubles. Instant relief.

My friend Jade saved me from an extra hour of exercise afterward, texting me just as I was leaving the class, asking where she should stop for dinner. My half-joke of a response, "You need to drive up here and get food with me cuz I am also v hungry and miss u," actually worked, and we ended up getting dinner together and then walking around the Naperville Riverwalk.

In my last post, I talked about how knowing plans ahead of time and being aware of changes to come is more comfortable for me. Spontaneity is still good, though, and Friday is a good example of just the kind of spontaneity I like. A surprise dinner with one of my best friends -- how could that ever be a bad thing? Plus, being able to spur-the-moment put somebody as a priority like that is a (comforting) indication of your importance to them. Obviously, it's not always possible, but as they say, true friends make time for you.


Shopping can be a dangerous thing for me, because I'll walk into a store for one specific item and walk out with 32 others. Not surprisingly, this happened on Saturday. I walked into H&M looking for a specific pair of shorts and walked out with three shirts and a dress. Still, money well spent. (I'll spare you all the typical dressing room mirror pictures.)


This is when the real fun happened: my first time at Taste of Chicago.

When we first arrived, we were engulfed into the sweaty mass of people, waiting in a ticket line that seemed to be completely stationary, with strollers clipping my ankles and people elbowing me from every angle. I think my exact words were, "I'm really not sure what the appeal to this is," which my boyfriend is never going to let me live down.

After realizing that we should walk around a bit first instead of immediately standing in a line (duh), things got better. We listened to music, ate food, won free stuff (a plastic toothbrush case, but still... it was free), and ate some more. I always leave the city wondering why I don't spend more time there.

By the end of each week, I'm always ready for the weekend. Sometimes that means to finally have some time to catch up on sleep and lay around, others it's a chance to get out and do something. This weekend was a little bit of both, which tends to be my favorite.

A lot of life tends to be out of our control -- we have to get up early, we have to go to work, we have to run these errands and do this and that. It's important to take advantage of the free time we have and to remember that it's up to us to make ourselves happy.

I'm posting this Monday afternoon since I was too exhausted when I got home last night to do anything but go to sleep. So here's hoping a good weekend springboards into a good week. 

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