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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

How is June already over? Has it really been over a month since I graduated college? That can't be possible. But it does bring me to a post that I'm pretty excited about.

At the end of each month, I'm going to highlight five things, in no order, that I liked during that month that you guys can watch, buy, use, etc. I've seen a lot of blogs/vlogs do this, and I like the idea, so here we go.

1. Mad Love® Desi Booties

I recently bought these shoes from Target and am absolutely in love with them -- in mad love, if you will (bad joke). I like them because they're pretty casual but still look super cute. If it's love at first sight for you like it was for me, you can find them here!

2. "Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23"

I didn't watch this show while it was on the air, but I've been watching it on Netflix lately. I really like it, especially the sense of humor it has. I might be a little biased since I have a crush on Krysten Ritter, but still. Unfortunately, there are only two seasons, but it's definitely worth checking out.

3. Short hair

Having short hair (and not hating it) is actually a pretty big deal for me. Ever since I cut my hair sophomore year of high school from reaching the end of my sternum to being only shoulder length, I constantly regretted it. I struggled to get long hair again, since I also decided to dye it red for a while and eventually back to my natural blonde, which proved to be a very long, frustrating process. (I had orange hair for about three weeks -- let's put it that way.)

After having long, healthy hair for a while now, I got sick of it, especially in this summer heat. Now my hair is about shoulder length again, and I LOVE it. I love it so much that I spent way too much time telling a story about my hair.

4. "Orange is the New Black"

You had to have seen this one coming. How could I not include OITNB when season three finally came out this month? It was a looong wait. I noticed that they seemed to lean more toward the comedy side rather than drama this time around; I was often giggling alone to myself while I watched. The downside to that is that I didn't really have the I-NEED-to-watch-the-next-episode feeling that I had almost constantly in the first two seasons. Nonetheless, still a good watch, if only for Ruby Rose's Australian accent.

5. Wisconsin Deer Park

My favorite animal is a deer. Most people laugh when they hear that, but go to Wisconsin Deer Park, pet and feed the deer, and try to tell me they're not the cutest things.

First, there's a funny story about a trip my family took to the deer park years ago that I love, but since I was only about two years old at the time and don't even remember it, I asked my mom to do the honors. This is what she told me:

At first, we left you in your stroller so you could just sort of watch. Then we started letting you feed them from the stroller. Dad was worried they would accidentally bite your fingers, so you were feeding them whole crackers and getting very excited, so we were going through crackers really fast!
When we could tell you really liked it, we got you out of the stroller and were getting you to approach slowly and pet them while you were feeding them. We had a whole group of them around us for a while, but when we started running out of food, they started wandering away.
We were putting Ali (my sister) back in the stroller when I looked back to get you, and you were gone! I looked up, and you had gone under the fence and were running after the deer that had just left. The funny thing is, I don't think they were running away - just walking. You looked like you were just going to go join them.
When we yelled to you to stop and come back, you looked back at us like we were crazy, pointing to the deer, saying, "No!" You were very sad when we said you had to come back.

One of my friends in high school started calling me "Runs With Deer" for a while after hearing that story.

This year, my family and I spent the day in Wisconsin Dells for Father's Day, and part of that was at the deer park. Our timing was actually really lucky; the first thing we saw when we got there was two baby deer who were born only two hours earlier! One was doing its best to walk around on its wobbly legs -- literally a real-life Bambi -- while the other was curled up and enjoying the attention. (Meanwhile, the mom deer was eating the placenta, but let's not get into that...)

We fed them crackers, gave them names, and took a ton of pictures. I'd consider it a must-do in the Dells. If you live close enough that you're able to take a trip there sometime, do it!


So those are five things I liked in June. Feel free to leave your thoughts on them in the comment box or share what some of your June favorites were! I hope I've inspired some of you to watch, buy, or do something.

Keep an eye out at the end of July for my next list!

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