September Things

Near the beginning of the month, I bookmarked a post I found on Tumblr called "September advice for the signs." I'm not a big believer in astrology or the zodiac signs, but I still find them interesting to read. I myself am a Scorpio. I stumbled across the post again the other day and realized that I had unknowingly followed its advice.

Scorpio: You are pure and beautiful, and I miss your sweet obsidian smile and lyrical tongue. Find yourself a home.

And find myself a [new] home I did. (I'm counting the days.) I'm sure October has a lot in store for me as well.

Some things I've enjoyed this month:

– The Mindy Project is back! Mindy Kaling has a great sense of humor, and I'll never understand why more people don't watch this show.

– "A little bit more than just a new 'do"... a piece about the ties society sets between beauty and having long hair, and how you can feel just as beautiful and even more liberated when you chop it off. I absolutely loved it from beginning to end.

– I definitely had Rachel Platten's new single Stand By You on repeat for probably ten days straight.

– A great video, "Why Not Choose Kindness"... because why not? "You are the first and last 'you' who will ever exist in all of human history. And you are lovable, and it's such a shame to think anything but." Tessa Violet is a lovely human.

– Thought Catalog's article "13 little things I started doing differently to improve the quality of my every day life."

– My friend Jade is one the most ambitious people I know, and I'm very proud of her for chasing her dreams. She recently moved into a studio apartment in the city (and started a blog about it). When I visited, we were able to squeeze Shake Shack, Dylan's Candy Bar, and Sprinkles all into one day. Amazing.

– This perfect response to Jenna Fischer's tweet (and if you don't get the joke, then you need to start living your life the right way by watching all of The Office ASAP):

Love is...

Love is helping each other, trusting each other, and respecting each other.

It's building each other up instead of tearing each other down.

It's being partners. Equals.

Love is wanting to spend time together. Love is being able to spend time apart.

Love is calling me Nicole the very first time you met me, and then calling me Nick every time after that. (Or maybe you never even called me Nicole then.)

Love is giving me the first and last bites of your food, even when I try to say no.

Love is "Good morning!" and "Goodnight!"

"How did you sleep?" and "How are you?"

"Is there anything I can do to help?" and "Let me know if you need anything!"

Love is that look in your eyes. (Love is that same look in your eyes when I'm in my PJs without any makeup on after a long day.)

Love is "Let me know when you're home safe."

Love is "Pull over, I'll drive."

Love is not letting little things ruin our day (anymore).

Love is you waving goodbye from your driveway and me flashing my brights at you in response.

Love is "Come over, I made us dinner."

Love is wanting you around when the good things happen. It's wanting you around when the bad things happen.

Love is you opening the passenger door for me, and then me leaning over and pushing the driver door open for you.

Love is somehow knowing from the minute I met you that you would always be one of the most important people in my life. (How is that even possible?)

You've been at my side for more than one-third of my life. You've been my partner for half a decade.

Happy five years, you.

My Road To Adulthood

(Fitting picture, huh?)

My apologies for the cheesy title, but lately it really does feel like that's exactly what I'm on. Here's a little rundown of how my life took a 180 in just one week (in a good way):

MONDAY: I decided to start looking at apartments online. Nothing too serious, no rush.
WEDNESDAY: I scheduled an apartment showing and contacted a few other places.
SATURDAY: My parents and I looked at a couple of places.
SUNDAY: Applied for an apartment.
TUESDAY: Approved!

I guess when I get excited about things, I really dive right in. Even I didn't see this one coming.

So, it's official. In three and a half weeks, I will be moving into a place of my own. My first apartment. It's a little daunting, but even more than that, it's exciting. It will push me a little out of my comfort zone, especially since I've always been pretty against living alone. I already have mental floor plans and decoration ideas floating around in my head.

Here's to impulsive decisions that are a little bit crazy but make life a little more fun. Cheers.

On 'Growing Up'

"If you're not losing friends, you're not growing up."

To be honest, I'm not sure of the origin of this quote — whether it's from someone famous or whether an average Joe said it to his friend and it somehow spread all over the Internet. Who knows. But I've seen it a lot, and I find a sort of odd comfort in it. Reassurance. It's okay that this happened.

I've lost a fair amount of people over the years. Maybe it was my fault, maybe it was theirs. More than likely it was a little bit of both.

Some people just don't mesh.

Others are just plain mean.

Losing friends is certainly not one of the finer parts of life, but it's one of the most normal, and it does help us grow. There's some truth in the saying. As we get older, we develop into our own person and become our own selves. We figure out what we want and don't want out of life and out of the people we surround ourselves with. We make goals and aspirations. It's rare that you can do all of this while simultaneously being as close to your elementary school friends as you once were. Sometimes it happens, but it's normal if it doesn't.