September Things

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Near the beginning of the month, I bookmarked a post I found on Tumblr called "September advice for the signs." I'm not a big believer in astrology or the zodiac signs, but I still find them interesting to read. I myself am a Scorpio. I stumbled across the post again the other day and realized that I had unknowingly followed its advice.

Scorpio: You are pure and beautiful, and I miss your sweet obsidian smile and lyrical tongue. Find yourself a home.

And find myself a [new] home I did. (I'm counting the days.) I'm sure October has a lot in store for me as well.

Some things I've enjoyed this month:

– The Mindy Project is back! Mindy Kaling has a great sense of humor, and I'll never understand why more people don't watch this show.

– "A little bit more than just a new 'do"... a piece about the ties society sets between beauty and having long hair, and how you can feel just as beautiful and even more liberated when you chop it off. I absolutely loved it from beginning to end.

– I definitely had Rachel Platten's new single Stand By You on repeat for probably ten days straight.

– A great video, "Why Not Choose Kindness"... because why not? "You are the first and last 'you' who will ever exist in all of human history. And you are lovable, and it's such a shame to think anything but." Tessa Violet is a lovely human.

– Thought Catalog's article "13 little things I started doing differently to improve the quality of my every day life."

– My friend Jade is one the most ambitious people I know, and I'm very proud of her for chasing her dreams. She recently moved into a studio apartment in the city (and started a blog about it). When I visited, we were able to squeeze Shake Shack, Dylan's Candy Bar, and Sprinkles all into one day. Amazing.

– This perfect response to Jenna Fischer's tweet (and if you don't get the joke, then you need to start living your life the right way by watching all of The Office ASAP):

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