Friday, January 1, 2016

My New Year's resolutions always turn out to be more weak verbal statements instead of solid goals that I strive for. I don't even remember what my resolutions for 2015 were. For 2016, I'm hoping that by putting them on record, it will serve as extra obligation to follow through.

Currently, I am not. I hit the snooze button on my alarm for nearly an hour every single day. I would much rather have time in the mornings to drink coffee, do some reading, or just relax for a bit before work instead of running around getting ready and immediately rushing out the door.

Not just for this year, but always. I think I only read four books last year, two of which were in December. My goal for 2016 is to read at least 12, averaging one per month. For the past week or two, I've been excitedly building up my "to-read" list on Goodreads in preparation.

Writing tends to serve as my primary outlet in times when I'm upset and need to vent or sort out my thoughts. I never kept any of the handful of journals I've had over the years because I'd flip through them only to find page after page of negativity. But there's plenty of good in my life! I am happy! So I'd like to focus on writing more about that (as well as taking more pictures).

Lastly, for anything else I feel like doing in 2016, I better do it. 2016 will be my first full year as a real adult, a college graduate living on my own. I want to continue accomplishing things, having new experiences, going places, meeting people, and making my life something amazing.

Happy New Year to you all! And if you make any resolutions, I hope one of them is to make things happen too.

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