Stop Saying Sorry

Sunday, March 20, 2016

The other day at work, I went to get a cup of coffee. When I walked over, a woman was already there, pouring herself a cup, and when she turned around and saw me waiting off to the side, she apologized. She set the coffee pot down, ducked her head a bit and said "sorry" as she hurried away. 

This minor encounter made me think about how and why we apologize for so many things. We say sorry for things we have no reason to be sorry for – getting a cup of coffee before someone, asking questions, or actually giving a real response when somebody asks "what's up" or "how are you" instead of "not much" or "good." Apologizing is a habit, and it shouldn't be. It should have more meaning than that.

Oftentimes these apologies just slip out and they're really just a gesture to be polite rather than an actual expression of guilt, and while that's understandable, we should be saying what we really mean.

Which leads me to this cartoon that I came across a while back that illustrates a message I love so much that I bookmarked it and read through it from time to time: "Appreciate the others for what they have already done, whether they know it or not. Don't apologize for simply existing. Because it is not wrong."

This is your Sunday reminder that you don't always have to be sorry.

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  1. Love that image!

  2. I've seen that image before and loved it - it makes complete sense, we don't have to say sorry for every day things in life! Just save it for when we truly do feel sorry.

    Such a lovely blog post :)

    Hazel xx

    1. Exactly! If we apologize all the time, it loses its meaning, and the times we really are SO sorry, the significance of it is diminished a bit.

      Thank you so much! xo