September Wrap-Up

Friday, September 30, 2016

"If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way."
Napoleon Hill

A little bit of creative writing.
Six ways to make life a little easier.
My progress with bullet journaling.
Advice you shouldn't listen to.
Ten brave moments.
Talking about my personality type.
About having an off day (or a few).
September reads.

Vlogging my Denver trip, which is somehow already only a week away?! Last month I mentioned how I wanted to buy a camera for the trip. Well, I DID and it's HAPPENING. Please subscribe to my new YouTube channel HERE (which is so obviously still in the works) so you don't miss the video when it's up!

There are two podcasts that I've started listening to lately:

1. "Plz Advise." As the title suggests, it's an advice podcast. People call in seeking advice and Molly McAleer dishes it out. It's funny, it's real, it's a good casual podcast to add to your line-up.

2. "In The Dark," which examines the 27-year-long investigation of the disappearance of Jacob Wetterling. If you were a fan of Serial, you'll like this one too. It's the same kind of thing. It's dark but very interesting (and frustrating).

I finally got around to buying a new pair of glasses and may or may not look cute n quirky now? (Kidding.) I bought them from EyeBuyDirect. What I liked about that site is that the frames are affordable and you're given two weeks to return the glasses for a refund if you don't end up liking them. It's essentially an automatic trial period, which is reassuring. If you're in need of of a new pair of glasses, use the code IF2EA1AD89 for $10 off your EyeBuyDirect order.

I went to Oddball Comedy Fest with some friends at the beginning of the month, where I got to see my fave, John Mulaney. That was enjoyable.

Also, the fall box for FabFitFun arrived! You already know I love it. A few people have asked me if/when I'll do a review, but I'll leave it to Andrea to rave about it this time around. And of course, I've got your promo code desires covered: Click HERE for 20% off!

A message to young people looking for a career (LOVED this).
Keys to keeping your home clutter-free.
Four reasons from Unstuck on why we're afraid of change: uncertaintyfear of lossattachment to habit, and the impact on relationships.
Improving the way we talk to ourselves.
Words on jealousy and how everything we feel stems from either love or fear.
Liz Gilbert, ladies and gentlemen. Truthful, honest, beautiful.
How to create a productive morning routine. (I've now subscribed to theSkimm!)
A reminder that people are people, and they all love to be encouraged.
One of the best Here's-What-I've-Learned-So-Far-In-Life-type lists I've come across.
Jamie Lee's posts on her experience with sexism and misogyny: 1 2 3 4
An interesting think piece on anxiety versus depression.
Dear Netflix, we need to talk.
Kelsey sharing her truth, a piece so poignant it made me tear up far too early in the morning.
A reminder that we only live once.

"This Is Us," NBC's new series which follows the lives of four separate characters who all share the same birthday. It's pretty simple, but that's the point. To steal a line from my friend Georgi, they're just people. They're us.

"Parenthood" is my latest Netflix binge. For someone who isn't married and doesn't have kids, I get surprisingly emotional over it. I'm currently just getting into the fourth season and already know that this is the one that's going to kill me.

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