5 Tips For A Good Day

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Simple things you can do every day to put yourself in a better mood:

Don't check your phone first

When you wake up in the morning, don't immediately reach for your phone. Don't let the first thing you do each day be checking notifications and getting sucked into social media. Instead, get up and get going first. Focus on the day ahead of you, not what you missed overnight. My mornings involve getting up, washing my face, making a cup of coffee, and reading for a while. By the time I'm catching up on my notifcations, I've been awake for at least a half hour and am then able to give my texts and emails more focus,

Keep a clean inbox

Speaking of emails, keep those organized. Create folders, use labels, file things away. A full Inbox can be overwhelming; opening it and having so few emails that you don't even have to scroll might make you feel more at ease than you think. I organize my emails in multiple categories, including bills, store promos, purchase confirmations, and even an "other things to save" folder, so at least all the miscellaneous stuff is together.

Enjoy getting ready

Mornings aren't for everyone. I'm certainly not a morning person, so I always keep myself entertained while I do my hair or put on makeup, whether it be listening to a podcast, or watching YouTube or Netflix. It helps me start the day in a good mood.

Expect a To-Do list

Don't expect to have nothing to do once you get home from work or school. This is something I've realized/accepted pretty recently, and ever since I have, I've felt a whole lot happier. For some reason, I was in the mindset that a good day would be one where I didn't have any obligations after work. But that would mean that five out of seven days involved doing nothing. That just sounds lazy. Having things to do on a weekday isn't bad. In fact, it's a good thing. You're being productive! It's all in the mindset.

Have a Done list

Not just a To-Do list – a Done list. Every night, write down things you completed that day, big or small. Washed the dishes, did laundry, finished a series on Netflix, returned books to the library, went to bed early. As helpful as To-Do lists are, they can also be overwhelming at times. On the other hand, jotting down things you've accomplished throughout the day feels good. Even if they're simple, it'll make you feel more motivated.

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