Thank You, Writing

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Thank you, writing, for being my constant. Something I know I can always count on, anywhere. On my laptop, in bed or at a coffee shop. On my phone, when I'm out and have an idea.

Even when I take a break, it's always a warm welcome back and a pleasant surprise. Oh yeah, this is what it feels like to be excited about writing.

Thank you for helping me think, out loud and to myself. For helping me make sense of the mess.

Thank you for allowing me to say the things I never could. And for letting me reiterate the things I've already said.

Thank you for being a place where I can say anything, freely. For being my home away from home. My cup of coffee in the morning and my glass of wine in the evening.

For being my outlet. My anger, my happiness, my frustrations, my peace of mind, my release.

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