Things To Be Happy About // 06

Friday, June 23, 2017

I've been working long hours at work lately, which of course has been a bummer and exhausting. But... there's always something to be happy about. (Read more here.)

ONE. Taking advantage of my lunch break. Taking the hour to myself. Buying a cup of coffee and reading a book. People watching. Getting some fresh air.

TWO. Being in it together. Accepting that it'll be a long day and deciding to make the best of it. Playing music and turning up the volume as soon as it hits 5:01. Doing it as a team.

THREE. Leaving late but still walking out the door to a still-sunny sky. It's the best perk of summer. It doesn't feel like I'm leaving as late when the sky is still so bright.

FOUR. Coming home to a welcoming hug and a kiss on the head. Being told to sit down and relax and let him get dinner ready. Feeling an immediate sense of relief because I'm allowed to just do nothing for a bit now.

FIVE. Knowing that the long work days won't last forever. At the very least, I still have the weekend as an automatic break. TGIF.

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