3 Things From The Past Week // 01

Sunday, August 13, 2017

I've decided to try out this series, which I've seen done by Rachel Del. Every Sunday, she posts a short list of three things from the past week – thoughts she had, events she went to, anything. I read them every week. It's a nice peek into her mind. I enjoy the posts as a reader, and so I thought, hey, I think I might enjoy those as a writer too. They'll keep me thinking, keep me writing, keep the wheels turning.

I don't want these posts to feel repetitive with my monthly wrap-ups. The way I see it, the wrap-ups are more of a place where I share my interests and more significant life updates. These posts will be the little things in between, a space where I can think aloud. I can record a thought I had without turning it into a full post. Sometimes a thought is just an inkling, worth mentioning but nothing to expand on.

So here we are.

1 | I almost made it two full years without getting sick. The last time I was sick was January 2016, can you believe it? So close. It came on Thursday night. I worked from home on Friday, had to cancel plans I had that night, as well as plans I had on Saturday to go to the zoo. Being sick sucks enough, but I hate having to mess with other people's plans because of it too.

Weirdly enough, the last time I was sick, it was after eating Chipotle, and guess what I had for lunch on Thursday?

Can't trust 'em.

2 | I've started listening to the "Simplify" podcast, and there was something in their episode about having more time than you think that really stuck with me. The guest talked about how we often view Thursday evening as the end of the week when actually, it's only halfway. We're cutting our time in half. No wonder we feel stressed.

Hearing this turned the lightbulb on inside my head. When I think about tasks I have to get done during the week, I usually don't even factor in Friday, Saturday, and Sunday because those are part of my weekend. So anything that needs to be done, I need to get done by the end of the day Thursday. With my week starting Monday morning, this is only about three and a half days in to the week. I'm automatically ruling out the other three and a half days. It's ridiculous.

I'm trying to keep that in mind now. I don't have to avoid weekends when mentally planning out when to run errands or do chores. That'll only make it worse anyway.

3 | I'm feeling as grateful as ever for the great friendships that I have. Back in February, one of my friends moved to Colorado. She's the first friend I've had who's moved out of state, and I didn't know what would happen after that, how often we'd keep in touch or see each other. Turns out, we text pretty much every day. We FaceTime every two weeks or so. She'll be back in town in October, and I bought a plane ticket to visit her in November.

Another one of my very close coworker friends quit a couple of weeks ago. It's been weird not having her next to me in the cubicle, but she sends me Snapchats pretty often saying hello or wishing me a good day. It's silly, but I appreciate it. I'd say I'm a pretty low-maintenance friend, but I do need reminders from time to time that I'm important. I'm thankful for the friends that get that.

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