3 Things From The Past Week // 02

Sunday, August 20, 2017

1 | I get discouraged sometimes about my numbers online – blog post pageviews, Instagram followers, Twitter followers. They're all too low considering the number of posts, considering how long each account has been around.

I said something about this on my Instagram story and received a comforting message from Afoma in response: "Slow growth means deep roots. Trust me. You're connecting with people and that's what matters." Who knows if that's actually true, but I like to think it is.

2 | I've been doing a lot of organizing and rearranging around the apartment lately. It feels great. Food in the cabinets has been sorted into different small bins. I bought new jewelry holders for my earrings and rings. We moved our bed so instead of being against the window, it's against the wall, so we can prop up pillows and sit up properly.

I love little things like that. I used to be very messy. During high school, my bedroom was always such a wreck that you wouldn't be able to see my floor. My college dorm room was better but still had its fair share of clothing piles. Now, I spend 10-15 minutes every day before bed cleaning up any messes from that day. It's surprising (and lame) how much it puts my mind at ease.

3 | After breaking our coffee carafe last month (and not being able to replace it because a replacement carafe for that model literally didn't exist anymore), we finally bought a new coffee maker. This one has a delayed brew setting, so I can schedule it to brew at a certain time in the morning and wake up to the smell of coffee. It's lovely.

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