September Wrap-Up

B L O G  P O S T S

After a rough night, I put up a post talking about how I don't always like who I am, as a reminder to you that you aren't alone in your struggles. I also wrote about my current beauty favorites, if you're looking for new affordable products to use, and six things I'm glad my parents taught me. One of my favorite posts (and maybe yours too, based on pageviews!) went up this month about how the Internet keeps telling me to quit my job but I don't want to. I kept writing three things every Sunday, including thoughts about seeing the same people in my neighborhood every day on my way to work, society's views on turning 30, screaming into the void (AKA blogging), and more. Lastly, I only read two books this month, but I've now hit 38 for the year, so that's something.

September Reads

I only read two books this month, which is not many for me. There were two others that I started but couldn't finish.

First was Phoebe Robinson's "You Can't Touch My Hair: And Other Things I Still Have To Explain." I listen to Phoebe's comedy podcast "2 Dope Queens" and think she's hilarious, so I was looking forward to reading her book, but... eh. I only got through a few chapters. There were too many references and jokes that she tried to slip in that it became distracting from the actual story being told. If I pick it up again, it'd be the audiobook version.

The second was "The Glass Castle." I wanted to like this one so much but couldn't get into it. I made it halfway through and had no desire to keep going. It didn't feel like the story was actually leading anywhere. I do still plan to see the movie. I'm hoping I enjoy the story in that format more.

Book 37:
"A Stranger in the House" by Shari Lapena

3 Things From The Past Week // 07

The past week has been pretty crazy, with a lot of feelings.

1 | Most significantly, I grew up with two yorkshire terriers. We got Molly when I was 8 and Jazzy when I was 9. I don't remember not having a dog. On Friday, we put Molly down, and it was the saddest my heart has ever been.

6 Things I'm Glad My Parents Taught Me

Whether we want to admit it or not, the truth is that a lot of the time, our parents are right. They're older and wiser and we learn a lot from them, even if we don't realize it at the time.

My parents, obviously, have played a role in shaping who I am, and I don't view that as a bad thing. There have been plenty of instances where something I've learned from my parents has come in to play and I think how grateful I am to have been taught that.

From goofy to practical, here are some (certainly, only some) of those things.

But I Don't Want To Quit My Job

For those of you who don't know, my full-time job during the week is an "office job." I'm a project coordinator at a creative studio. It's a classic 8-to-5, clock-in-and-clock-out, working-in-a-cubicle job.

And here's the kicker: I don't hate it.

3 Things From The Past Week // 06

1 | One of my neighbors in my building sometimes plays piano in the evening, and it's such a lovely, soothing thing to listen to. We hadn't heard him play in a while until one night last week, when my boyfriend suddenly said, "Do you hear that?" and we paused whatever we were watching to listen to the music.

My Current Beauty Favorites

Every once in a while I like to go the beauty-blogger route and talk about products I've been using lately. When I find something I like, I'll use it regularly until I'm sick of it. I don't know a ton about makeup, either, so if I can make it work, so can you.

Here are some of the beauty products I've using pretty much every day lately:

3 Things From The Past Week // 05

1 | On Thursday I went to my kettlebell class at my gym for the first time since June. It's my favorite class, and I pretty much go every week, except for during the summer when I go to a local food fest with my family on Thursdays.

It was nice to be back. I set up in my usual spot because even after not going for three months, it was still my spot. Two different people came up to me and said, "Haven't seen you for a while! Welcome back." I like the idea of people I don't know noticing my existence like that.

You Aren't Alone In Your Struggles

It's important to acknowledge that the parts of a person's life that we see online are not the entire picture. What we see are only the best parts.

And that goes for me too.

3 Things From The Past Week // 04

1 | Every day on my way to work, I pass the same little old lady walking down the street. We usually end up at the street corner at the same time. I'm at a red light waiting to turn right and she's crossing the street in front of me. This happens literally every day. I've come to expect it. As I pull up at the light, I realize I'm already scanning the sidewalk looking for her.

It's weird how precise the timing is – not only am I passing her every day but it's in the exact same spot. I wonder if she notices that the same car is always at the light with her.