Caring About The Right Things

Thursday, November 23, 2017

For those of you who celebrate it, happy Thanksgiving! This post is partly Thanksgiving themed and partly me reflecting on turning 25.

Since my birthday landed on a Sunday, I wrote about three things that day as usual and decided I'd put up my birthday-based post today. It was going to be about 25 things I don't waste my energy on anymore. Things I no longer care about, in a good way.

But today is also Thanksgiving, and it felt a little weird to be putting up a list about things I don't care about on a day that focuses on expressing gratitude, even if my message was still positive.

So, I'm combining those feelings.

Here is a list of 25 things. Twenty that I don't care much about these days, plus five that I do.

  1. Saying yes to plans I don't want to say yes to. Going to parties where I know I'll be uncomfortable.
  2. Complaining about the fact that it's Monday.
  3. Complaining that it's any day but Friday.
  4. Waiting for the weekend to do things. I don't want to live only for the weekends.
  5. When people cancel plans because they aren't feeling up for it/are having a bad day/need time to themselves/etc. It's a bummer, but I know the feeling, so you do you.
  6. What other people are doing with their lives. Their path is their path.
  7. If someone posts on social media before texting me back.
  8. Wondering if I have food in my teeth. If I'm eating, I probably do, so at this point, I just straight up ask people, "Is there food in my teeth?" and grin.
  9. Feeling embarrassed for having a lame taste in music.
  10. Heavy sarcasm. More often than not, it's actually rude.
  11. Wondering whether someone is mad at me. If they haven't said anything to me, it's not my problem.
  12. Tracking/logging my food intake. I've stopped doing it, and it feels good.
  13. Feeling guilty for taking time to myself when I need it.
  14. Whole 30. More specifically, when people preach about it as if it's the only way to eat healthy.
  15. Any other food or diet fad that people preach about.
  16.  Spending time with people who don't make me feel good about myself.
  17. What people think about my interests. I like reading and knitting, and I don't drink alcohol that often. If those are things you want to make fun of me for, that says more about you than me.
  18. If my apartment is kind of messy. (Well, I do care, but I'm trying to care less. Messes happen.)
  19. Wearing clothes that aren't comfortable.
  20.  Beating myself up for having feelings. Emotions are valid, even the negative ones.
Instead, I've been putting my energy into these things:

  1. Making sure my loved ones know they are loved.
  2. Paying it forward, even in the littlest way.
  3. Getting a good night's sleep. (In her book "Ice Cream For Breakfast," Laura talks about how sleep, "the very thing that keeps us functioning at all is the very first thing we throw out of the window when we need it most.")
  4. The people in my life who go out of their way to be there for me, big and small. (Thank you.)
  5. Happiness and health. The only things we really need.

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