December Wrap-Up

Sunday, December 31, 2017

B L O G  P O S T S

The "Finding Your Spark" interviews are my favorite conversations to have, and this month I talked to my very dear friend about her experience moving solo across the country and loving it. Posted just in time for the holidays but perfect for any time of the year, I shared five cookie recipes that everyone will ask you about. I talked endlessly about my trip to Arizona, recapping my highlights and recommendations. Ever park on the street and have trouble finding your car on the way back? I've got a solution with five helpful apps I've come across. I reflected on 2017, a year that proved to be very difficult. On Sundays, I talked about avoiding the word "challenge," a 45-minute long conversation with a customer service rep, the magic of B96 Jingle Bash, and actually appreciating snow and the cold. Lastly, my final book count for the year was 45, ending with these.

A R O U N D   T H E   W E B 

Absolutely loved the Time Person Of The Year 2017 title going to the "silence breakers."

If I'm not replying to your messages, it's not you, it's me.

Ryan Reynolds' Instagram caption when wishing his brother happy birthday.

Talking about beginning something and how to begin is to break your own heart.

That time Meghan Markle fought against sexist advertising when she was only 11 years old.

A very interesting article about four different types of sleep habits and how to design your ideal workday based on which type you are.

The utter failure of male apologies in 2017, a great article that is funny in a sad way and painfully true.

Emotional clickbait and the line between sharing our personal lives and using it as content.

Men revealing the struggles they were facing despite the "manly" photos they posted online.

In cold of winter, I need all my outfits to be comfy and cozy, so I'm taking notes on how to style sweatshirts for work and going out.

Google's Year in Search 2017 video made me cry.

The importance of being honest with people, telling them you love them, and leaving nothing unsaid.

I was sent a yoga mat guide, which I found really interesting because who knew there were so many types of yoga mats?

T H I N G S   I ' M   L O V I N G

I received a lot of great and thoughtful gifts from family and friends for Christmas that I've been enjoying. A new yoga mat, a few mugs, an adorable fuzzy blanket, the most comfortable workout clothes I've ever worn (one shirt featuring a kettlebell which is very me), home decor, and a freakin' iPad.

Revlon Jumbo 3-Barrel Hair Waver. Since my hair is getting longer, the waver I was using before started to look too much like crimps, so I upgraded to a larger one. Still loving it.

Maple Holistics did it again, this time with their argan oil shampoo. I haven't used it long enough to accurately gauge its effects but my first impression is that it leaves my hair feeling soft and seems to help my scalp too! The sample comes in a decent-sized 8-ounce bottle, which lasts me a while. I'd be interested in trying the conditioner too so I can use the two products together and see how that feels. Want a free sample yourself? Have at it.

L O O K I N G   F O R W A R D   T O 

I'm very excited for the newest 30-Day Yoga Journey, TRUE, all about bringing us back to ourselves. Last January is actually when I first started watching Adriene's videos, also during a January 31-day series. I enjoyed the videos, but I also remember feeling down on myself because I wasn't keeping up with a video every day. It's interesting looking back on that. Now, I already do yoga daily. Even so, I feel more aligned with the view that it's not a challengeit's an experience. There is no "falling behind." It's just doing what you can. Or rather, what you want.

Quite simply, I'm looking forward to the new year. This one especially is a much-needed reset button, and I have a lot of good things planned.

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