Reflecting On 2017

Friday, December 22, 2017

It was a lot.

My word for the year was LEAP. I wanted to jump into new experiences and changes, even if they scared me.

Looking back, I made a lot of leaps. Most significantly, I started a new position at my job, moved in with my boyfriend, and took a few trips just for fun without worrying about money. Yet, while I did do those things, there were also a lot of moments where instead of leaping forward, I froze.

Nearly every month this year, there was at least one post that involved, in one way or another, me questioning myself. I felt like everyone else was doing something while I was doing nothing. I worried that people I met, people I cared about, would only be temporary. I had to remind myself that I'm human, that I'm enough. Even when I focused on doing things that made me happy, there were times I spent the whole day on the couch or in bed. I struggled. I even wondered, what if I stopped blogging?

I questioned a lot. I doubted a lot. I measured myself against other people a lot. I'm hoping to be better about all of that next year. (More on that to come.)


For 2017, I had three resolutions, and for all of them, I could have done better, but at least efforts were made.

1. I wanted to be more involved, firstly by reading more blogs online and interacting with other writers. I do my best to stay on top of posts I've bookmarked for later, and if I read something I like, I let the person know, whether it be a tweet, comment, or DM.

Secondly, I wanted to stay involved in my friends' lives. I don't know if this is ever something I'll feel like I'm good enough at. I'm not good at regularly keeping in touch. It doesn't mean I don't care. Now that I think about it, I think it's because I'm not a big fan of small talk. I'd rather have a deeper conversation, but I also don't want to start up a conversation like that over text if I'm in the middle of something or have things to do and can't commit.

2. I wanted to say what needed to be said. To let people know when they made me feel good, and also when they made me feel not-so-good. This has been a big focus for me at work lately – voicing my opinions and speaking up about my concerns. I'm making sure I'm heard.

3. I wanted to manage my stress better. I've started doing yoga every day, which has helped. Taking at least a half hour every single day to breathe and focus on me makes a difference. There are times I've been in a bad mood, go through a yoga routine, and instantly feel more at ease.


I did a good amount of writing this year (and not all of it was about me feeling discouraged). I put up 90 posts this year, and since we are allowed to be proud and like our own writing, here are some that I like the most:

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*    *    *

2017 was hard for a lot of people. I hope you can look back and find some good in it.

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