How To Not Feel Boring In The Winter

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

This post is about how it can feel boring when you're stuck inside and then I couldn't figure out what kind of picture to take because everything seemed boring and then I found this one from January of last year that's kind of fitting so we're gonna go with this one.


As an introvert and as someone who can be a bit of a homebody, I enjoy staying in. Don't get me wrong, I also enjoy going out, but more often than not, I'm more comfortable relaxing indoors, by myself or with some friends.

But here's the thing: I like this most when it's my choice, which is often not the case in the winter. I live in the Chicago area, so it's not unusual to have single-digit temperatures (positive and negative), and when it's that cold, just the thought of leaving my apartment makes me shiver. In that weather, going outside isn't really an option. So while I enjoy staying in, if I'm in a situation where I kinda have to, it suddenly feels boring.

Part of it is my own fault. I get in this mindset that it'll be lame if I ask a friend to hang out and all I propose is chillin' inside so instead I don't ask at all. I'm also hesitant to ever invite people over to hang out at my apartment because I feel like I'm not a good enough host.

So, the trick to not feeling boring in the winter? It's two-fold.

Step one: Remember that being inside doesn't automatically mean boring. There are plenty of fun and/or productive things you can do without leaving your home.

Step two: Remember that if you think it's too cold to do anything outside, other people probably do too, so they're also spending their days indoors. You aren't alone.

For myself and for you, I've compiled a list of things to do in the winter because when it's so cold that we don't have a choice but to stay put, we might as well make the most of it.

  • Watch a movie. You know that running list you have of movies to see that you keep adding to but never manage to cross anything off of? Now's your chance.
  • Or catch up on TV. There are a few shows that I used to watch regularly until I fell behind and never caught up, but one of these days, I will.
  • Read. A book, an article, a blog post, anything.
  • Paint. Don't know how? Me neither! That's what paint-by-number kits are for. 
  • Clean. Cleaning is the worst when it becomes something you have to do even though it's nice outside and you'd much rather be somewhere else. But when you're gonna be stuck inside anyway? Might as well do something productive.
  • Decorate. Finally hanging your decorations or printing off pictures to fill your frames is one of the best feelings.
  • Call a friend. I don't think we talk on the phone often enough, myself included. The only people I talk to on the phone are my mom and my boyfriend, plus the occasional two-hour FaceTime conversation with my friend in Colorado.
  • Write. One good thing about these freezing days is that they've given me some time to get ahead on blog posts. Whatever writing you've been putting off, sit down and do it.
  • Knit, or learn to. Channel your inner grandma. If you're like me and have a hard time sitting down and watching something without multitasking, knitting is great. I've knit a few scarves but still want to try knitting a blanket.
  • Bake. I like to buy a few bags of cookie mix from Target for a dollar and save them for a cozy night in. And who says you have to actually bake the cookie dough?
  • Exercise. Being stuck inside all day can make me feel like a blob. When the weather isn't suitable to drive to the gym, work out at home.
  • Have a pamper night for yourself. One of my favorite things to do during a relaxing night in, especially if I'm by myself, is to do a face mask, put on some keratin gloves and socks, maybe take a bath. Go all out.
What do you do when you're staying in?

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