A Little Bit About Me

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

My favorite part about running this blog is all of the conversations it leads to. From comments to emails to tweets to Instagram messages, I love that it's been a place where I can not only think out loud about something but then I get to talk more about it with you too.

Because of this, because it makes me feel very special that a person would read my words on the Internet and be curious enough about me or my life or my thoughts to reach out and ask me something, I wanted to put up a post where I talk about myself a little bit, so you can learn about the person behind the blog.


I think it's always interesting to learn how a person got involved in what is now their regular hobby, or even their passion. So how did I start blogging? I talked about it in a previous collaboration post, "Why We Blog." I batted around the idea of starting a blog for years. Eventually I did, during the summer after graduating college. I started because I enjoy writing and I continue for the same reason, as well as the fact that I like connecting with people.

But let's talk about the logistics of it. That's what people wonder about because starting is the hardest part, isn't it?

I use the platform Blogger. There wasn't really any particular reason behind it. I was starting a blog, so why not use something called Blogger? I've heard good things about Wordpress too. To be honest, I'm not sure how important the platform is. I'm sure there are successful blogs on all platforms. I chose mine randomly, but I'm happy with it. The interface is easy to navigate, and the site provides stats on your pageviews, traffic sources, etc. (Maybe other platforms do too, but since I've only used Blogger, I can only speak for this one.)

The downside to Blogger, based on what I've heard, is that since it's linked to your Google account, you don't actually own your page, Google does? I'm not sure how that works, but if you're interested in starting a blog, I guess that's something to consider.

After starting, the second hardest part is the moment afterward, when you sit there thinking, Okay now what? Running a blog involves more than just writing. A lot of self-promotion goes into it. For me, Facebook posts, tweets, and Instagram stories. I try to use all of them consistently. As of now, I don't schedule any posts in advance, though I probably should. I do, however, make a few Instagram story promos in advance and save them to my camera roll to post later.


I started working out when I started college because I knew I wouldn't have the daily gym class from high school to keep me active anymore.

I've gone through a few phases when it comes to fitness. When I started exercising, it was all cardio. That's all I cared about because I was naive and viewed weights as something for guys. Eventually I started lifting weights, but exercise overall was too calorie-focused for me. Now, I intentionally don't track my food or exercise anymore. I do both cardio and strength training, and work out five days a week. I attend a handful of classes at my gym to keep things fun. I seek balance.

Along with that, I've been practicing yoga for almost six years now. I didn't even realize it had been that long until now. The summer after my first year of college, I got a gym membership and one of the things I did was evening yoga classes with my mom. I've been going ever since.

At the beginning of last year, my friend Andrea introduced me to Yoga With Adriene and I started doing at-home yoga. Along with going to classes once or twice a week, I do yoga in my apartment every day. I really do think daily yoga is good for you, for anyone, mind and body. 

If you're trying to get into yoga, I highly recommend Adriene's channel. She has videos targeted for any mood at any length. Whatever you're in the mood for, she has a video for it. I also have a playlist of some of my favorite videos of hers if you want to take a peek.


If you know me, or even if you just follow me on Instagram, you know I read kind of a lot. It surprises people to learn that I wasn't really a "reader" until 2016. I never disliked reading. In fact, I've always enjoyed it, I just never dedicated the time to it. The first year that I read books regularly was also my first full year out of college, and I don't think that's a coincidence. Reading leisurely while in school can be hard because there's already so much reading required for assignments that reading for fun still feels like work.

One of my resolutions for 2016 was to read more, and I take my resolutions very seriously. So I set up my Reading Challenge on Goodreads and decided to keep track of it here on the blog too. My goal was 12 books and I read 31. The next year, I surpassed my goal of 30 by reading 45.

I'm a real reader now, but I wasn't always. If you're trying to read more often, here are a few things that helped me; maybe they'll help you too.
1. I was kinda picky about what I chose. I needed to make sure that whatever book I picked up kept me interested enough where I wanted to keep going. There were less "sure let's try this one out" book picks and more "wow this sounds really cool I definitely want to read that" picks. Go for genres you know you enjoy. Look up reviews and go for books that sound promising.
2. Keep a book with you all the time. Sounds simple, but it helps. Read when you're out to eat by yourself, or when you get to class early and are waiting for it to start. Go to the gym and read while on the stationary bike – two birds, one stone. 
3. Goodreads kept me motivated. Look up books and get excited about them. Discover what's new, see what other people are reading, and talk to your friends about what they'd recommend. Immerse yourself in it.

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