Sunday Shares | What I've Been Loving

Sunday, March 25, 2018

How is it fair for a person to get sick twice within one month? How is it possible? I don't want to sound like a broken record from my last Sunday Shares post, when I was also recovering from being sick, but that's exactly where I'm at again.

I've had strep since Tuesday, which is why no post went up on Wednesday. I always thought strep was just a bad sore throat but there's a whole lot more to it, and it really felt like it would kill me. But here I am, crawling out the other side. Not 100% yet, but getting there.

For more positive things from the past two weeks, check this post, where I celebrated on all the little, happy things.

Here's what I've been loving lately:

White sneakers

It's typical me to be the last one to hop on a bandwagon and then rave about it. This time it's about white sneakers. I've been wanting to buy a pair for a while. I think I've had a pair of white Converse bookmarked on Amazon for over a year. (It's also typical me to say, Oh I really wanna buy XYZ, and then not do it for a year.)

Last weekend I went shopping to try to add some color to wardrobe for springtime and came across these at Old Navy. Even though they're so bright they're practically glowing, I love them.

Tricky Test 2

This app came in handy the past few days when I was doing nothing but lying on the couch. It's a unique puzzle game that makes you think outside the box. The questions aren't asking what you think they're asking, and the answer that seems the most obvious is probably wrong. It's tricky but addicting.

AHAVA caressing body sorbet

I know I use a lot of superlatives around here but of all body lotions I've used, I think this is the most moisturizing. I bought this through FabFitFun as a separate item. The winter box came with a hand cream from the same brand, which I also loved, so I'm definitely going to have to keep AHAVA in mind for skincare products.

The Ordinary Caffeine Solution

I have natural dark circles under my eyes and have tried a handful of different products to minimize it but nothing has worked as well as this. I bought it after seeing it on Kelsey's Instagram story. I apply it under my eyes every morning and night, and I actually notice a difference. A lot of products that target dark circles tend to be kind of expensive but this bottle was less than seven dollars and will last me a while.

Changes to Disney movie scenes in different countries

I never think about the fact that a movie I see might not look exactly the same in other countries. Certain aspects get changed due to cultural differences to properly target the right audience. My friend sent me this video about ten scenes from Disney movies that were changed in different countries from we've seen in the U.S., and it was super interesting to see them all, from what animal the anchorman is in "Zootopia" to what food baby Riley is eating in "Inside Out."

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