Give Yourself Some Credit

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

There's a woman at my gym who I see nearly every time I'm there. She's always in my spin class, she was always in the pilates class I used to go to, she's always on the fitness floor with me lifting weights. She's just always there (and her back muscles are insane).

Whenever I see her, I'm impressed and a little envious. I think to myself, Jeez, I wish I was as motivated as she is. I wish I worked out as often as she does. I should. She works out SO MUCH.

Then I realize... I'm there too.

If I'm seeing this woman at the gym, say, five days a week, it means I was also at the gym five days a week. I am doing exactly the same actions that I'm admiring, yet for some reason it's impressive for her and means nothing for me. She is going above and beyond. I could be doing better.

I often notice – and appreciate or celebrate – accomplishments in others but dismiss them when they're my own. If I don’t feel satisfied with what I’m doing or where I’m at, I can look at someone in an identical situation and it’s just fine. It isn't fair to myself.

Recently at work I've been feeling like I'm not doing as good of a job as I could be, or should be. Then I had a new advancement opportunity and had to talk about my strengths in an interview. I had to talk about why I was a better candidate than the others. I had to take all of the doubts I was having about myself before, push them aside, and focus on the positives.

It was during that process that I realized (remembered) that no, I'm not bad at my job, I just had a rough week. No, I don't have to be perfect in my role to still do it really well. Slip-ups happen. I'm still an organized, diligent employee working her tail off to get the job done and done right. I don't have to downplay that.

We're allowed to talk about our strengths. We're allowed to think highly of ourselves. We're allowed to give ourselves some credit. In fact, we should give ourselves some credit.

For earning the promotion. For losing the weight. For getting a good grade on the project. For doing someone a favor. For speaking up. For wearing a great outfit. For completing the to-do list. For completing one thing off the to-do list. For trying your best. For making it through the day.

Give yourself credit. It doesn't matter what anyone else is doing. Their efforts don't diminish yours. At the very least, give yourself credit for just showing up. Sometimes that's the hardest part.

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