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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

It's time for my favorite part of the season: We're talkin' FabFitFun box.

I am really late to the game with this one, considering the box was delivered to me a month ago. Maybe no one's interested in these anymore. Maybe, at this point, it's overdone. Well, too bad. I honestly love this subscription so much that I'd happily talk about the products every season, so here I am to tell you all about the latest summer products. I've tried every item and regularly use all but one.

If you want to try out a box to see how you like it, you can get ten dollars off by clicking HERE, making your box only $40. You can also check out my posts on other FabFitFun boxes here.

Sex Kitten Liquid Eyeliner Tarte 

I was hesitant about trying this one because it's pen-style, meaning the ink (for lack of a better word?) flows into the felt tip, rather than dipping the applicator into the ink. Usually the pens don't work well for me. I have to try too hard to get the ink to come out that I end up with much thicker lines than I want. I was impressed with this one. I was able to easily apply it from the tip of the brush, creating the thinner line I wanted. Also, the cap on the eyeliner pen is a little kitten head, which is the cutest.

Tarteist PRO To Go Palette Tarte 

This palette was made for me. These are literally my most-used colors. Subtle neutrals, with a bit of pinkish purple if I'm feeling some color. I'll definitely be bringing this with me on vacation.

Wallet Minor History

This is the one item not pictured, and I'll be honest about why: I don't really care for it. It completely fell off my radar. I didn't even notice it was missing from my pictures until I was writing this. It's a small, envelope-shaped wallet designed to hold a couple of cards, with a triangular flap that snaps shut. Truthfully, as cute as it is, I probably won't use it. In situations where I'm only bringing my ID and a credit card, I usually use my phone case that has a card holder in the back.

Marble Ring Dish Pier 1 Imports

I never really understand jewelry dishes but I'll be keeping this one. I'm a sucker for a marble design, really. I keep it on my dresser to hold stray rings, earrings, and bobby pins that I haven't put away.

Beach Towel Summer & Rose

Considering the only other beach towel I had at home was Disney's "Frozen"-themed (my normal one has been at my parents' house), I'm very grateful this season's FabFitFun box included a beach towel. A nice looking one sans cartoon characters. 

Hair Protectant Treatment Spray Orlando Pita Play

Even though I know it's not good, I frequently use heat on my hair. Most days, I like to curl or wave it. At the very least, I use my straightener on the ends because they get too curly for me to not straighten them out. I've been using this protectant spray in the mornings before doing my hair and I am noticing a difference. The ends of my hair don't look or feel as dried out as they usually would.

The spray is also designed to protect hair against humidity, which, in the midwest summers, is a godsend.

De-Stress Muscle Gel Aromatherapy Associates

This is a muscle gel designed to soothe sore muscles. It contains a blend of lavender and black pepper – both of which I can smell distinctly, and it's an odd but nice combination – along with rosemary and ginger. While I haven't used it often enough to accurately review the results, I'm enjoying it nonetheless.

COOLA SPF 50 White Tea Moisturizer Coola

My apartment complex has a pool that I plan to go to as much as possible this summer. We didn't use it too much last year, so now I'm making up for that lost time. I love being outside yet I always forget sunscreen, and I usually don't have anything for my face specifically. I end up using regular body sunscreen on my face and looking greasy. What I love about this product is that it's a facial sunscreen that also doubles as a moisturizer AKA less grease. I used it when I spent three hours poolside last week on my half-day off of work. Came back with zero sunburn. Checks out.

LUNA Fofo Foreo

This is my favorite item from the box. Essentially, it's a rubber vibrating scrubber for washing your face. I love it. It's effective without being harsh on your skin. Here's the weird part: You use it in conjunction with an app.

On the back of the device are two small metal sensors. Following along in the app, you place the sensors on each cheek, your forehead, and your nose so it can detect how moisturized your skin is. (How I can have one cheek that's highly moisturized while the rest of my face is not, I have no clue.)

After that, it shows you a facial map instructing what areas of your face to clean in what order. The device adjusts accordingly. For instance, it vibrates harder on my forehead than it does on my nose and under my eyes, where it's more gentle.

The whole thing is wild. I've never heard of anything like this before. Having said that, I use it every day.

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