Welcome Back To The Day-To-Day

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Despite my running list of blog post ideas, I didn't feel like writing about any of them this week. Instead, I figured I'd take a page out of Francesca's book and give you an ol' stream of consciousness kind of post. It feels like a good time to just think out loud.

I've been home for a solid two weeks weeks now (I swear I'll stop talking about my vacation at some point) and I finally feel like I'm back in the groove. For one thing, I've gone to the gym every day this week, including my yoga class with a new instructor that actually challenges me and introduces me to new moves, and my kettlebell class that I don't think I've attended all summer. I'm also in a steady habit of reading, journaling, and managing my time well.

I'm trying to focus more on the day-to-day and taking care of myself daily. That sounds obvious but often I'd look at things from too wide of an angle; I'd be thinking about things days or weeks in advance so much that I'd overwhelm myself and get lost. Now I'm trying to zero in and take things a day at a time. Smaller goals are easier to achieve. Gotta start with those.

In approaching the day-to-day with a refreshed perspective, I'm realizing that certain parts of my routine aren't actually serving me and need to change.

For instance, I simultaneously view Sundays as cozy, lazy days yet I also deem them as my time to catch up on chores and plan for the week ahead. I can't do both, not completely. What ends up happening is I spend too much time relaxing and then try to cram a bunch of tasks into the final hours of the day. It leaves me feeling drained, stressed, and absolutely dreading the next day. It's no wonder arguments with Rahul always happened to spring up on Sunday nights.

So, to keep it balanced, I have to change my game plan for Sundays, at the very least by swapping my priorities so my to-do list gets addressed first and I relax at night. But what I'm doing now isn't working for me.

Another thing that helps me daily is touching base with Rahul after work on our plans for the night. What's on our agenda? Do we have things we need to get done when we get home or are we free to hangout? I'll text him something like, "Headed to gym now. Will be home around 8. Need to do some writing tonight and want to get to bed early." It helps set the expectation for the night and prevents either of us from feeling ignored or distant from the other.

With both of us working full-time jobs and trying to squeeze in a workout after that, we come home with only about two hours of free time together. It'd suck to come home expecting that we'd hang out for those two hours only to find out that the other had other things to do or just wanted to do something on their own. If we give each other a heads up, we're on the same page.

It's hard for me to explain why I find this helpful, but I do. It's communication, plain and simple.

I'm starting up a lot of daily routines like that. More organized to-do lists, more productive mornings and relaxing afternoons, better sleep habits, a fresher attitude. Little tweaks here and there to improve the day-to-day. My hope is that it'll all make a difference in the long run.

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