Things To Be Happy About // 08

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

I had a nice week last week and was in the mood to post one of these again. It felt fitting since it was the first full week of October. Maybe I'll do one of these every month after the first week. 

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MONDAY. A fresh start to both the week and month. An afternoon coffee pick-me-up. Watching the season premiere of "The Good Place" that I missed from a few days before. Mondays are underrated.

TUESDAY. Meeting up with two of my favorite people for a dinner full of appetizers. Trying on my bridesmaid dress for the first time out of the store. It looks great. Rahul thinks so too.

WEDNESDAY. Wearing pink for Mean Girls Day. Having my new purse and new shoes arrive in the mail, sooner than expected. A delicious fruit smoothie.

THURSDAY. Leaving work an hour early and feeling like there's so much more time left in the day. Walking a lap around the lake. Enjoying the view. Taking the stairs, 11 floors up, and realizing I've been taking them nearly every day. That's something.

FRIDAY. Going to Jewel with my coworkers during lunch and buying Lunchables because we were feeling nostalgic. The pizza tasting just as weird and good as I remember. 

SATURDAY. Taking a weekend trip out of town with my family. Going to a country fair. A one dollar hot chocolate. Meeting up with my extended family later on for a big game night. It's times like these that make happy I live nearby. I want my kids to have that too.

SUNDAY. Banana pancakes in the morning. Admiring the trees, transitioning into their fall colors. A cozy sweatshirt. Pumpkin bread. 

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