Reflecting On 2018

Sunday, December 30, 2018

At the end of last year when I turned 25, my older sister told me that 25 to 30 is the time where you learn what you want, what you'll do for what you want, and what you won't do for what you want. While I'm only one year in to that range, it's been true so far. I actually learned that exact lesson in "Unfu*k Yourself" too, in which Bishop tells us to stop setting goals based on what we think we want and to do it based on what we are willing and unwilling to do.

For me, 2018 was all about releasing. Letting go of obligations, worries, and doubts. Inviting calmness and peace.

I focused more on finding solutions rather than dwelling on problems. I was no longer willing to run myself into the ground for people who wouldn't appreciate it anyway. I took care of myself, even if that meant accomplishing less in a day. (And I reminded myself that my worth is not measured by my productivity.) We moved into a condo that gave us more space and shorter commutes, and almost immediately I felt a lot of my anxieties melt away.

2018 was one big exhale. I'm happy with where it took me.


Made lattes at home with a friend. Saw John Mulaney live. Appreciated winter for the first time. Earned a promotion at work. Had my first Reuben sandwich. Went roller skating for the first time in about 15 years. Had a friend get engaged for the first time. Was asked to be a bridesmaid. (Said yes, obviously.) Went to a ridiculous amount of pub trivia nights. Kept my succulent alive for its second year. Bought a nice to-go coffee thermos and reusable straws to try to use less plastic. Went to four concerts in two months. Saw The Kooks, Coast Modern, Taylor Swift, and Harry Styles (!). Went to Seattle. Took an Alaskan cruise. Put up my first sponsored blog post. (And my second.) Saw Hannibal Buress live. Got my hair professionally cut for the first time in 10 years. Went to a bachelorette party for the first time. Moved back to my hometown into the best condo. Had a nostalgic Lunchables party at work (not a real party). Saw Busy Phillipps in person on her book tour. Finally experienced Colorado in the winter. Went to the Wndr Museum in Chicago. Went to The Chicago Theatre for the third time this year to see a live recording of Dax Shepard's "Armchair Expert" podcast.  Read 37 books. Received two books and a Christmas card in the mail from online friends. Felt happier than ever.


Of the 81 posts I've put up this year, here are some of my favorites:

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More on my hopes for 2019 coming next week.

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