A Clean Home Is A Misspent Life

I first heard this saying in "The Family" (an underrated ABC show that got cancelled after one season because nobody except my family was watching) but I'm sure it originated elsewhere. In fact, it turns out there's a book about it, so I'm certain it originated elsewhere. (Added that book to my reading list.)

The idea is that if your home is always spotless, you've spent a lot of time cleaning that could have been better spent in other areas of your life.

While I do want my home to be tidy, I appreciate the sentiment here.

April Reads

Book 7:
"The Course of Love" by Alain de Botton
"The Course of Love" is a fictional story about Rabih and Kirsten's relationship, from when they first fall in love to marriage through having children, and everything beyond and in between. At the same time, it's also a self-help book of sorts or a how-to manual on relationships, focusing less on how love begins and more on how it lasts, through all of the real ups and downs of life. De Botton teaches us that love is "a skill we need to learn, rather than an enthusiasm we simply experience."

Bringing The Vacation Mindset Back Home

Vacation is the time we often feel our best. We're more lax with ourselves, we're free of responsibilities, we make our comfort and happiness the priority.

Then we come home and forget all about it. At home, it's back to trying to accomplish as much as we can in a day, every day.

Things To Be Happy About // 11

Because there's always something to be happy about. Read more here.

On Finding Yourself

I remember feeling so stressed in high school about not knowing what I was going to do with my life. Looking back, it sounds ridiculous, of course. I barely know what I'm doing now, why did I think I would, or even should, have it all figured out by 16? But I knew so many people who had their life mapped out that I felt like I was supposed to too. (Spoiler: None of those people's lives went according to plan, so in the end, it didn't matter anyway.)