February Things

Hello, Internet. It's been a while. (Two weeks feels like a long while.) I haven't posted much this month, which is disappointing because I've had plenty of ideas swirling around my head, but no energy or brainpower to execute them properly. My work life has been pretty hectic lately, and I've also been sick for the past couple of days. So let's catch up, shall we?

Nobody Should Be Your 'Other Half'

It's that simple: Nobody should be your "other half."

Romantic comedies and love songs have made this idea of having an "other half," or being with someone who "completes you" the ultimate goal. The lovesick protagonist just can't truly be happy until they win over the object of their affection. The problem with this perspective, though, is that it suggests that on our own, we simply are not enough. Without a man or woman by our side, we can never be fully happy. Something will always be missing, we are only half of a person, and we have no choice but to follow the eternal hunt for Mr. or Mrs. Right.

In some respects, this general idea can be cute or romantic – finally feeling comfortable, your life finally feeling right, because of another person. It's normal to feel different, even better, because of someone, namely a significant other. It's actually a good sign. (If your S/O isn't contributing anything notably positive to your life, then what's the point?) But when these feelings escalate to a level where you've lost your identity in another person, that's an issue.

I'm Not Wasting My Twenties

Yesterday afternoon, I was scrolling through Twitter when a headline caught my attention: "I'm 26 and I'm OK with Being a 'Granny,' Thanks Very Much." I immediately clicked into the post, my motive being not that I wanted to know why 26-year-old Emma Gannon referred to herself as a "granny," but that I already knew why she did because I sometimes felt the same way.

I have never been much of a party person. I've been to parties – I've played Beer Pong and Flippy Cup with people I had never previously met, the bottoms of my shoes sticking to the floor and music blaring in the background – but I've always preferred to spend my nights out with a group of friends rather than immersed in a crowd of strangers. Parties are fun – they just aren't part of my regular schedule. And most of the time, I'm okay with that, because it's just who I am.