April Things

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

"Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to
climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid."

I know April isn't quite finished, but I'm putting this one up a little early because I have a lot I want to share! The spring weather has me in such a consistently good mood lately. My camera roll is filled with pictures of trees and flowers, which I'm sure will eventually flood my Instagram as well. I also made cute category buttons in my sidebar for your viewing (and clicking) pleasure that I am weirdly proud of.

Here's what's happening:

About how we should give ourselves whatever it is we need to feel recharged.
A little tribute to Jedidiah Jenkins and the key takeaways from a podcast episode with him.
Thoughts on a Friday night spent solo.

"Room" (finally). It tore my heart to pieces and I was basically crying for two hours straight, but I loved it. It's very powerful and emotional, much of it because of the chemistry between Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay. So good.

Emma Gannon's new podcast, "Ctrl Alt Delete." Each episode is a conversation with a new guest, talking about their story and the role that the Internet and social media played in shaping it. There's something about listening to successful people talk about things like Twitter or Instagram, sites that us regular people use, that's so refreshing.

"Beautiful Stories From Anonymous People," a podcast in which people can call in to talk anonymously about whatever they want for up to an hour. I think that concept alone is fascinating. I really loved the episode "The Most Amazing Destruction" in particular – a beautiful and inspiring story of a woman who never gave up. 

My boyfriend and I are currently on a tennis kick. We've spent a few weekend afternoons walking over to my town's local courts and playing for an hour or so. He now keeps the tennis equipment in the trunk of his car JUST IN CASE.

My first time at the House of Blues in Chicago and my first time seeing Parachute perform, all rolled into one night.

I've ordered the FabFitFun Spring Box and am eagerly awaiting its arrival (Saturday!!). I usually don't care too much for subscription boxes because a month isn't always enough time to get through the samples and then you have products piling up. The good thing about this one is that it comes every three months, giving me plenty of time to comfortably make my way through its contents. PLUS, a few things in there can be kept forever, so it seems like you really get your money's worth.

I've also started bullet journaling. (I am already anticipating my sister's "I told you so," since she's been trying to get me into it for months.) For a while now, I've wanted to have some sort of creative journaling outlet, and though I had heard of bullet journaling, I didn't realize until recently just how much you can do with it. It's not just for daily or weekly to-do lists. It's doodles, quotes, self-reflections, lists, schedules, whatever I want it to be.

This hanging photo display (below). It's very simple – something I probably could have made myself instead of buying – and not hung 100% straight on my wall, but oh well. The thing I like most about it is that I don't have to commit to any certain photos. It costs the same as a regular picture frame, except it can hold a bunch of photos, and I can swap them out whenever I want. (The ones shown in the photo came with the display and are up until I get around to printing some of my own.) This wall was blank before, so I feel like it really pulls the room together.

"Care Less, Do More," because I'm a sucker for real, conversational writing, where the words sound genuine. "I've spent so long kicking myself in the shin with the idea that to be a good blogger you must post at least five days a week, with a post planned and scheduled in advance, rather than just doing what feels good and what feels natural and what feels me."

"What Are You Best At?" My friend wrote this lovely post about the importance of embracing whatever it is we're best at instead of comparing ourselves to others.

(Unfortunately, that's all I've got for the reading list. My excuse is that I've been working a lot and haven't felt like looking at a computer any longer once I'm home. I'll make up for this pathetically short list next time!)

Anna Fitzgerald was conceived to be a bone marrow match for her older sister Kate, who suffers from leukemia. Anna has undergone countless surgeries and medical procedures to keep her sister alive. She has played her role for thirteen years. Now, she's decided to take control of her own life, in a way that divides her family and puts her sister's health on the line.

This is probably Picoult's most popular book, yet I somehow hadn't read it until now. It is such a unique storyline that really tears you between the two perspectives. Each character is explored thoroughly, sometimes repetitively so. Of all the Picoult books I've read, I don't think I've ever felt more conflicted than I did while reading this one.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

COMING SOON: My progress with bullet journaling, a reflection on my first year in the workforce, FabFitFun unboxing, and lots of other cool things. STAY TUNED.

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  1. I am hoping to start a bullet journal soon, they fascinate me! I look forward to reading about your progress x

    Emily // www.positivelystupendous.co.uk