Refreshing Your Mindset

Monday, July 25, 2016

Last week I was out of state on a family vacation, and let me tell you, it was MUCH needed. I hadn't taken a full day off of work since January. Sometimes you don't really realize how burnt out and robotic you've become until you find yourself going to sleep without setting an alarm and waking up without a to-do list. Few things feel better than that.

Being 500 miles away from my usual responsibilities and daily life felt great. It feels great to get away. Invigorating. I still had my phone with me, but aside from posting photos to Instagram and checking a few friends' tweets, I didn't pay too much attention to it. I texted only three people over the eight days I was gone, and I think I talked to each of them only once.

I returned home late Saturday night to a too-hot apartment. My bedroom was too stuffy to sleep in, so I slept on the futon in the living room with a Lion King blanket. It felt like a slumber party, even though I was at my own home.

Sunday was spent grocery shopping, catching up on blogs, and pouting about having to go back to work the next day (AKA today) (I survived).

Coming back from a trip and having to go back to actually doing things can be a bummer. The key is to bring that ~vacation energy~ along with you. Be glad you're well rested. Roll your shoulders back, stay positive, and don't let yourself get too stressed out. (Part of this involves NOT getting wrapped up in people's "Boy, it must suck to be back home!" attitude, because while of course we'd prefer to be on vacation forever, it doesn't mean that our normal lives suck.)

It's important to refresh your mindset. I was going to say it's important to disconnect yourself from the world sometimes, but what I really mean is to disconnect yourself from what you're used to in order to feel more connected with life in general, with the world. Take a step back. Change your surroundings – visit somewhere new, rearrange your bedroom. Ignore social media for a day and turn your focus to your thoughts and your life, not everyone else's. Keep your brain stimulated.

I took a week off from the real world, but I'm back and ready to tackle it. 

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