August Wrap-Up

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

"It's not about what someone can do for you,
it's who and what the two of you become in each other's presence.
The notion of doing nothing but spending time in each other's company
has, in a way, become a lost art."

August was a journey in itself. My brain cracked a few times, but I did my best to take care of myself. Twice I had a good cry, one of which happened lying on the floor. My boyfriend silently lied down next to me, and from that gesture alone, I knew everything would be fine. And it was. It is. For the past week or so, I've been feeling particularly inspired, motivated, and creative.

This month I read a lot. I started making face masks a weekly practice. I didn't pressure myself about money. I had multiple dreams that Donald Trump was trying to kill me. I said yes to things. To a lot of things. I said yes to a trip to a flea market an hour away; to drinks with a friend on a weeknight so we could catch up; to biking in the city; to getting up at 7 in the morning on a Saturday to accomplish adult things because I knew I had to even if I didn't want to; to a 24-hour adventure race in Chicago, possibly the craziest thing I've ever done.

I said no to Swedish Fish Oreos.

Thoughts on friendships and timing, the result of a post-midnight writing session.
Thinking out loud about passion and what it means to be ordinary.
A list of things to be happy about.
Reviewing "Ctrl Alt Delete" by Emma Gannon.
New makeup haul.
My experience at Questival, the 24-hour adventure race.

August reads.

Buy a camera. A good one. This is going to be my next significant purchase, and my next step in ~creating things~. I love video editing and haven't had an opportunity to do it in so long, and since I am going to Denver for a few days in October, I've decided that I'm going to vlog the trip. Unfortunately, I know nothing about cameras, so if anybody has any recommendations on good brands or models or anything, please let me know!

A brilliant video from College Humor on sexual assault, using a bear to symbolize a sexual predator.

The world's oldest yoga teacher's tips on happiness
Meg Fee's closet cleanse, because there's just something about getting a peek into people's homes and organization systems that I love.
"This Is Why I'm Opting Out." The Choose Two dilemma is painfully accurate.
Lessons learned from work.
This profile on Kristin Stewart.
Why hearing "You've Changed" isn't necessarily a bad thing.
A look at Ross Gellar and why we should protect the nerds.
Laura's travel style journal, with a bonus message on dressing to be comfortable and confident.
Things no one tells you about turning a passion into a profession.

I have a feeling that the FabFitFun fall box is going to be my absolute favorite. (Click HERE to get 20% off your first box!)

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