September Wrap-Up

"If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way."
Napoleon Hill

September Reads

I said last month that I wanted to read classics during September, starting with "Little Women." As much as I wanted to like the book, I just could not get through it. I was forcing myself to read it, for two weeks, and even then, it was only a handful of pages a day. Setting a reading "theme" for the month seemed like a good idea, but it ended up feeling like an obligation. So even though I hate abandoning a book unfinished, I ditched it a quarter of the way through and read what I really wanted: The wittiness of Kelly Oxford.

Off Day

There are days that come easy.

I wake well-rested, sun rays peeking through my window, a soft sign that good things are ahead. The day passes quick enough to not linger too long but slow enough that each moment is savored. I'm confident. I'm productive. I feel grounded. I go to the gym and am reminded that I am stronger than I was yesterday. The sun sets and the sky glows pink, yellow, and orange, separately and all at once. I read. I write. I consume words and pour them out, with ease. I am inspired. I am surrounded by people who motivate me.

Then there are other days.

A Look At My Personality Type

For the past few days, I've been fixated on reading about my Myers-Briggs personality type. The official test costs money, but I took a free version HERE that was still pretty legit. I found the results to be surprisingly accurate.

Personality tests like this can help you understand yourself better. You'll learn more about your strengths and weaknesses – some you might not have even been aware of until you're reading about them and realizing, Wow, yeah, I DO do that.

10 Brave Moments

This is a post inspired by, and intended to be an addition to, "The 10 Bravest Moments" by Jessica Semaan.

Advice You Shouldn't Listen To

Not everything you read on the Internet is worth listening to (except this, of course).

Bullet Journaling Pt. II: New Pages & Layouts

This is an update on my bullet journaling progress. You can read my first post here.

Back in May, I started bullet journaling, and have stuck with it for four months now. About half my journal is filled with appointments, tasks, quotes, trackers, reminders, doodles, and lists. Some pages have stayed the same, others have changed, a few are new altogether.

6 Ways To Make Life A Little Easier

Six little things that could make a big difference:

I've Never Been Fishing

I've never been fishing,
so I don't know what it feels like
to throw your line out
again and again
and wait
for something to bite,
only to reel it back in
and find nothing.
To put out the bait
again and again
and wait
without any takers.

I've never been fishing,
so I don't know exactly what that feels like,
and yet,
in a way,