10 Brave Moments

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

This is a post inspired by, and intended to be an addition to, "The 10 Bravest Moments" by Jessica Semaan.

1. Confronting a friend when they've hurt you. (Or walking away from a friendship, because it hurt you.)

2. Telling the person you once loved that you don't love them anymore.

3. Coming out.

4. Being nice to your body, to yourself, when you don't want to.

 Voicing your opinion. Disagreeing with a group.

6. Making choices for the sake of your happiness, instead of for the sake of money.

7. Asking for help. (Or declining help, and handling it all on your own.)

8. Initiating conversation with a stranger.

9. Being the first one to apologize.

10. Acknowledging your flaws, forgiving yourself for your mistakes, and choosing to improve yourself.

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