Advice You Shouldn't Listen To

Monday, September 12, 2016

Not everything you read on the Internet is worth listening to (except this, of course).

You shouldn't care what people think.
Ehhhh. You shouldn't let strangers' judgmental and ignorant opinions keep you from being yourself or doing what you love. But ruling out everyone's opinions? That's close-minded. You should care what some people think. The people you care about. Listen to your family, your close friends, significant other, etc. Listen to what they think and what they have to say, and take it all into consideration.

Good things come to those who wait.
Not always. Sometimes patience is key, yes. Other times – most times – good things come to those who work for it. Make it happen.

Don't talk to them and see if THEY reach out to YOU.
This might be the one that bugs me the most. I'll do my best to explain why. I understand the sentiment. You feel like you're making all of the effort in a friendship/relationship, so you decide to stop, to put the ball in their court. What I disagree with is this being the go-to move. If you're feeling like the dynamic is unbalanced, or if your feelings are hurt for any reason, mention it. Less frequent conversation isn't necessarily a red flag of a weakened friendship, but if something is bothering you, talk about it. Address the situation, directly and nicely. That should be your go-to move. Because also, what if that person is doing the same thing? What if they're counting on you to be the one to reach out? Then nobody's talking and you're both sad. Bottom line, it's just not how situations should be handled. It's not a reliable gauge on how strong the friendship is, so the tactic shouldn't be taken too seriously. Don't let a friendship end like that. Don't play games.

Never go to sleep angry.
Never go to sleep angry about stupid stuff. Most of the time, though, just go to bed. Sleep it off. You'll either get up the next morning and realize the situation isn't actually worth arguing about, or you'll still be upset but with a better, clearer mindset to address the issue. Staying up an extra hour or two can aggravate the situation even more, and then when you wake up in the morning, not only are you STILL angry, but you're overtired.

What common pieces of advice do you disagree with? 

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