3 Things From The Past Week // 03

Sunday, August 27, 2017

1 | Last Monday my family and I saw the total solar eclipse in southern Illinois. It was awesome. We watched it from a grassy area with a gazebo and a decent crowd of people. Everyone was gathered around together, sitting on the steps or in lawn chairs, or sprawled out on blankets in the grass.

Watching it get darker in the middle of the day was so weird. It got dimmer, but the angle of our shadows didn't move since the sun wasn't moving. When the sun was completely covered, everybody cheered and screamed and applauded. Then they got quieter, just staring at the sky. If you looked around, it looked like dusk. The cicadas and crickets got louder. The temperature dropped. It was a very surreal feeling.

2 | Recently one of my friends, whose second language is English, said said something about how her thoughts probably switched languages around the time she was nine years old, and isn't that such a weird and cool thing to think about? I've never really thought about the fact that if a person can fluently speak more than one language, then they can also think and dream in more than one language too.

3 | I've been trying to get up earlier on the weekends to squeeze more into the day. Today I got up, went through my usual routine of coffee and a book for an hour, and then went and worked out, which I rarely do on the weekends to begin with. And all before noon.

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