3 Things From The Past Week // 05

Sunday, September 10, 2017

1 | On Thursday I went to my kettlebell class at my gym for the first time since June. It's my favorite class, and I pretty much go every week, except for during the summer when I go to a local food fest with my family on Thursdays.

It was nice to be back. I set up in my usual spot because even after not going for three months, it was still my spot. Two different people came up to me and said, "Haven't seen you for a while! Welcome back." I like the idea of people I don't know noticing my existence like that.

2 | I think I have a pretty easy-going sense of humor. I can make fun of myself, and oftentimes I do just to get a laugh. But there comes a time when "poking fun" feels like a disguise and being the butt of the joke isn't funny anymore.

3 | My sister turns 30 in a few days. She had a get-together over the weekend to celebrate. I got her a card that referred to your twenties as the "free-to-be-yourself decade." That's true, isn't it? So much of our twenties, as I'm learning is trying to figure ourselves out.

I know she isn't thrilled about turning the dreaded 3-0. Society has conditioned us to see it like it's the end of our lives. (And by "us" I mean women, because for some reason it doesn't really matter for men like it does for women.) But in a lot of ways, it's just the beginning. 

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