My Current Beauty Favorites

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Every once in a while I like to go the beauty-blogger route and talk about products I've been using lately. When I find something I like, I'll use it regularly until I'm sick of it. I don't know a ton about makeup, either, so if I can make it work, so can you.

Here are some of the beauty products I've using pretty much every day lately:

F A C E :

Maybelline FitMe Foundation. This has been my go-to foundation the past month or so. I've been using it more than other brands because of how lightweight it is. While I like wearing foundation to even out my skin tone and smooth out blemishes, I don't like the feeling of something being caked onto my face. This isn't like that. Even when wearing it, I feel like my skin can actually breathe.

Ecotools Full Powder Brush. The brushes you use to apply makeup aren't crucial, in my opinion, but they do make a difference. I love Ecotools brushes. They're affordable and so soft. The brushes are dense enough to pick up and apply a good amount of powder, yet light enough that it goes on gently and blends well.

E Y E S :

Wet n Wild MegaLiner. For anyone struggling with winged eyeliner, I recommend this one. Honestly, it's the only liquid eyeliner I've used all year. It's designed with an inkwell rather than a pen, which I find easier to use. I struggle with the pens because you usually have to do a few strokes until the liner fully applies. The MegaLiner is precise, easy to use, and only three dollars at Target, so what else could you want?

Maybelline Colossal Big Shot Mascara. I'm always experimenting with different mascaras. Since I have very fine, short lashes, I need something that really amps them up, and this one works great.

B R O W S :

Maybelline Brow Define + Fill Duo. This has an eyebrow pencil on one side (to define) and powder on the other (to fill). It works perfectly to give my brows some shape and fill them in but in a more subtle, natural way.

The BrowGal Brow Gel. I think this came in one of my FabFitFun boxes. I wouldn't have thought to buy it on my own but I like using it. I apply it really lightly to get any stray eyebrow hairs to go the right way.

H A I R :

Briogeo Rosarco Milk Leave-In Conditioning Spray. This definitely is from a FabFitFun box. I love it. My hair tends to get pretty frizzy when it dries, and this has been the perfect solution. I spray it in my hair when I get out of the shower, then let it air dry. It leaves my hair feeling so. soft.

Revlon 3-Barrel Hair Waver. I bought this waver about four or five years ago, used it for a brief period of time, then didn't touch it – until a couple of months ago. I think my hair looks much better wavy or curly rather than straight. The benefit to waving my hair, opposed to curling, is that it holds better overnight. One day's waves can last me up to two extra days. It's been my go-to style. (A piece of advice if you're trying to wave your hair: Work with different sized portions of hair, some large sections, some small. It helps the waves look more natural instead of looking crimped.)

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