September Wrap-Up

Saturday, September 30, 2017

B L O G  P O S T S

After a rough night, I put up a post talking about how I don't always like who I am, as a reminder to you that you aren't alone in your struggles. I also wrote about my current beauty favorites, if you're looking for new affordable products to use, and six things I'm glad my parents taught me. One of my favorite posts (and maybe yours too, based on pageviews!) went up this month about how the Internet keeps telling me to quit my job but I don't want to. I kept writing three things every Sunday, including thoughts about seeing the same people in my neighborhood every day on my way to work, society's views on turning 30, screaming into the void (AKA blogging), and more. Lastly, I only read two books this month, but I've now hit 38 for the year, so that's something.

I N  M Y  L I F E 

Well, even though my intention was for my 3 Things posts to be more inklings of thoughts, everything significant that has happened this month has already been mentioned. Oops.

September was full of a lot of emotions. My older sister turned 30, one of my friends had her baby shower, my boyfriend and I had our seven-year anniversary, and one of my dogs who we've had since I was 8 years old had to be put down. I've been happy and sad and everything in between. Life, man.

A R O U N D   T H E   W E B 

A piece on disappointment and friendship and how we can't earn love (and shouldn't try to).

Reese Witherspoon's essay about women, ambition, and changing the world.
The stakes are also much higher for stories about women. There is a lot of pressure to generate a huge profit. When any movie with a group of women starring in it doesn't make heaps of money, the studio takeaway is that those types of films 'aren't working.' But the truth is not every movie works. It happens.
Laura talking about how she's fallen in love, and all the great and messy parts that come with it, was such a pure and beautiful read.

The impact of female directors and protagonists and how they redefine genre expectations.

I want to write about vulnerabilities and progress and growth the way Fern does.

Why being ourselves is more important than being the "chill girl."
Thankfully, what I'd eventually come to understand is that having needs and expectations doesn't make me difficult or some insatiable monster. And a fixation on being perceived as nice or 'sooo chill' is a colossal waste of time."
To old friends, and how we can still care deeply about people we don't talk with regularly anymore.

Recently came across Francesca's blog and adore it. Her writing really has its own unique voice that helps set it apart from other blogs.

T H I N G S   I ' M   W A T C H I N G 

So many things. And it's the perfect time for it – when the temperatures start dropping and the nights get cool enough that all you want to do is cozy up on the couch with Netflix.

"THE PEOPLE V. OJ SIMPSON" – I watched the entire season over Labor Day weekend. I know I'm late to the game with that one, but holy heck, it is good. If you're into true crime, and/or if you want to learn more about the OJ trial, definitely watch this (it's on Netflix!) because the acting is great and you learn a lot.

"BROAD CITY" – It's back! Probably the most underrated comedy on TV.

"THIS IS US" – The first season ended back in March, but I had fallen behind and never watched the last three episodes. I finally watched them last week and caught up just in time for their season two premiere on Tuesday. So good. And I'll never stop being so impressed by Milo Ventimiglia's acting. He's great.

"ARE YOU THE ONE?" – My favorite (and only, really) guilty pleasure show. It's on MTV, it's trashy, and it's great.

"AMERICAN VANDAL" – Guys. This show is hilarious. It's a Netflix original, satirical true crime mockumentary investigating a high school student accused of spray painting penises on 27 teachers' cars. The best part of it is that even though it's designed to be stupid and funny, everything is presented seriously and dramatically, like a real crime show.

"THE CONFESSION TAPES" – Another Netflix original. I'm halfway through this one. Each episode focuses on a different person who has been convicted of a crime because they confessed to it, but they are now saying they didn't do it. Both sides are presented equally, so you're pretty torn on what to believe.

T H I N G S   I ' M   L O V I N G

Halo Top ice cream. The entire pint has as many calories as one-fourth of a normal pint. My boyfriend and I caught it on sale, so we may or may not have eight pints in our freezer right now.

The FabFitFun fall box came this month, filled with a jewelry holder, a gym bag, teeth whitener, a face mask, a wrap/scarf, and more. I was going to put up a post reviewing all of the products, but I feel like there are so many FabFitFun unboxing posts and videos out there already. Plus, I've been using all of the products and hadn't taken pictures, so... If you're interested in signing up (and you should be), you can click HERE for $10 off of a box!

L O O K I N G   F O R W A R D   T O 

Next weekend I'm taking a small trip with my boyfriend, my parents, my sister, and her boyfriend. I'm not too sure what we'll be up to other than a local outdoor haunted trail, which I'm excited for. When it comes to the Halloween season, I'm not really into costumes or dressing up; haunted houses and scary movies are what it's about.

I'm also planning on following Adriene's yoga calendar for October. None of the routines are too long, so it shouldn't be too difficult to find the time for it every day (hopefully).

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