3 Things From The Past Week // 09

Sunday, October 8, 2017

This is the first 3 Things post that I'm writing in advance and scheduling. It feels weird! Even though I jot myself notes throughout the week, I don't actually write out these posts until Sunday morning. I don't know why – scheduling posts feels better and productive. I guess for these, I just like doing it in the moment.

Anyway, I'm away for the weekend with my family and our Sunday is starting bright and early, so I'm writing this Saturday night.

1 | One thing I realized I have to remind myself of is that fitness is an ongoing journey. If I have a busy week and don't work out as much as I wanted, I'm not delaying the finish line, because there isn't one.

Being "fit" isn't something you eventually achieve one day and then you're fit forever and never have to exercise again. It's continuous. So I can go to the gym and take days off and I'm still being healthy.

2 |  In high school, I kind of prided myself on having mostly male friends, as if that was better for some reason. It's weird to think about because (a) who cares? and (b) lady friends are the best.

My friend from Colorado flew in on Thursday, and we got dinner with another friend of ours. As I drove around looking for parking, I saw the two of them meet in front of the restaurant. They were literally running toward each other from opposite directions and then hugged. It was a straight up movie scene. I waved at them from my car.

After dinner we went to our friend's apartment and sat on her living room floor, talking about life and petting her dog. It was simple but intimate. Girls rule.

3 | When I was younger – fifth to sixth grade-ish – my sister and I would write our own songs. At the time, I felt like they were really good. They probably weren't, but I wish I still had my notebook of all the song lyrics. I never kept anything I wrote when I was younger. The song notebook, old journals, nothing. I'd throw them out because I thought they were embarrassing. I wish I had them to look back on.

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