3 Things From The Past Week // 11

Sunday, October 22, 2017

1 | It's finally starting to look like fall around here. Usually by the time we get this far into October, all of the trees have changed colors. For whatever reason, most are still green, but we're starting to see some yellow and orange ones pop up, and I am loving it.

2 | Yesterday was my mom's birthday. We went to get our nails done, went out for a family dinner, then went out to a haunted house (the first ever to make me actually scream).

She's 52 now but you'd never guess it from looking at her. Not only does she look young, but she goes to the gym almost every day and sometimes does better in our kettlebell class than me. Both of my parents are healthy and fit to the point that I forget they aren't 35 forever.

3 | I now have an Apple Watch. My mom got a new one for her birthday, so she gave me her old one. Generally I've been pretty anti-Apple Watch, because I don't like relying on technology too much. Having it with me constantly and weaved into so many aspects of my life isn't really my style.

But, at the same time, it has its perks. The fitness aspects are what I'll like the most – tracking my activity, making sure I'm moving around enough, etc. I'll try it out for a while and see if I like it. Who am I to complain about a free Apple Watch anyway?

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