3 Things From The Past Week // 13

Sunday, November 12, 2017

1 | Last week after my Colorado trip, I took Monday off of work, which was my first day off that was an actual day off in a long time. Definitely the first one this year.

I slept until 8, did a long yoga session in my living room, read (a lot), did laundry, worked on editing my vlog from the trip, caught up on tv, did dishes. It was productive and relaxing.

I still haven't completely unpacked.

2 | A few of my friends have been trying to convince me to do a half-marathon. Hypothetically, I'd love to. A part of me wishes I was a ~runner~. But whenever I start running more frequently, I end up injuring myself. Doing a 5K once a year has been hard enough for me – I don't know if I could do 13, even with gradual training.

3 | I wonder what age I'll start feeling like I'm a real adult. I'm turning 25 soon and still don't feel like one. In the pilot of "Friends," Rachel and Monica were 24. Evangeline Lily was 25 in the first season of "Lost." I know that's just TV, but still, I watched these people when I was younger and viewed them as so much older, real adults who were mature and had their life together.

When my mom was 25, she was married with a kid. I can't imagine that. Is it me? Should I feel like an adult right now? Or maybe it's one of those things where you never feel totally grown up, never feel totally ready, you just keep going.

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