November Wrap-Up

Thursday, November 30, 2017

This month flew. I can't even believe it's the end of November already. Where have I been? What did I do? I feel like I don't even have much to share this time around, which is disappointing.

I decided to omit the "In My Life" section of these wrap-ups because they felt like repeats of my Sunday reflections, and I don't want to stop doing those since they keep me thinking and writing more often.

I feel very conflicted about it all and it's probably because I am trying to appeal to the most amount of people but it's also about what I feel best doing. So that's the verdict. (For now.)

B L O G  P O S T S

I spent the first weekend of November in Colorado, so I shared five of my travel essentials and put up a vlog from my trip. I collaborated with my friend and fellow blogger Laura to put up a fun post about why we started our blogs and what keeps us going, plus what post she's most proud of and what blogging has taught her. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, as well as turning 25 this month, I made a list of 20 things I don't want to spend energy on anymore and five that I do. On Sundays I thought about when I'll feel like a real adult, some good things that happened on my birthday, an app that does some good, and an old Thanksgiving tradition my family had. I also read three really good books this month.

A R O U N D   T H E   W E B 

It's been another one of those months where I haven't read too many posts/articles/etc. I go onto Twitter and all of the news I see frustrates me so I steer clear. But, here are some good things I've come across...

Did you hear about the Miss Peru contestants? Women are amazing.

Thoughts on how our biggest fear is missed expectations.

Tracee Ellis Ross' speech at the 2017 Women of the Year Summit. I had it bookmarked for two weeks and I finally watched it and holy moly it's good.

A reminder that someone who always agrees with you is your shadow, not necessarily your friend.

I want Lin-Manuel Miranda's good morning and goodnight tweets sent straight to my phone.

T H I N G S   I ' M   L O V I N G

I've found a wonderful podcast called "That's So Retrograde" about wellness and goodness and self-care that I've been hooked to the past few days. The first episode I listened to was with Ruthie Lindsey, who I've followed on social media for a while now and constantly feel inspired by. I definitely recommend listening to her episode, as well as the episodes with Sophia Bush. They are full of interesting and inspiring conversation.

If you know me, you know I love Yoga With Adriene. I've gotten into the groove of doing yoga every day, which has been really good for me. I'm thinking of signing up for the membership. Apparently you get access to more videos and other exclusive experiences. With how often I watch her videos, I think I'd get a lot of out of it.

L O O K I N G   F O R W A R D   T O 

Next weekend I will be going to Arizona with my boyfriend for a few days. I've never been to Arizona and am very excited to see all its beauty. We didn't book our Airbnb until two days ago and still keep changing our minds a bit on what places we want to visit, so we're really flying by the seat of our pants here. We also might be visiting one of my friends who moved out there this past summer, if she feels like having company with a week-old baby (!!!).

ALSO, blog-wise, some cool things are coming. A new Finding Your Spark story is coming next week and another is in the works. I love talking to all these different people, hearing their stories, celebrating everything they've done. Please reach out if you have a story you want to share or know someone who does!

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