3 Things From The Past Week // 16

Sunday, December 3, 2017

1 | This weekend is my family's annual Christmas baking weekend. It's literally a whole weekend event, since we'll make around ten different kinds of cookies and a lot of each. This year I bought a "holiday baking squad" shirt for each of us so of course we're all wearing them and baking in uniform.

2 | We finally booked our Airbnb for our trip next weekend. The people we are staying with had an incredible story. They shared details about a birth defect that is fatal in 50 percent of cases and a doctor in Florida who has a 90+ percent success rate treating it. So some people will move to Florida for 3-6 months while their child receives treatment.

This Airbnb family did it last year. Their child survived, and now they donate a portion of their Airbnb earnings to an organization that helps families relocate to Florida. It was a touching story to read, and I think it's amazing that this family is giving back.

3 | I listened to a couple of different podcast episodes with Adriene Mishler to learn a little more about her, and I loved the things she had to say. One that stuck out to me was that she considers the biggest misconception about yoga to be that you have to be good at it. Because you don't. You just have to try. (I talked about common misconceptions about yoga before too.)

Another thing I really like is that when she puts out a yoga video series, like her January "30 Days of Yoga" lists, she purposely doesn't call them "challenges." Instead, she calls them "experiences." Because they're not something that should pressure you or make you feel competitive. They're something you get to do if you want to.

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