3 Things From The Past Week // 17

Sunday, December 10, 2017

This week's 3 Things is coming to you pre-scheduled because by Sunday morning, I'll be in Arizona! And considering I bought the cheapest plane ticket that only allows me a personal item and no carry on (i.e., I will somehow be packing four days' of stuff into a backpack...), I will most certainly not be bringing my laptop with me. Or my camera, for that matter, so no vlog for this trip.

Anyway! Here are some things:

1 | A funny story: Back in 2010, I heard "Do You Love Me" by Guster on the radio and loved it. I didn't know what the song was, though, so I googled some of the lyrics to try and track it down. For whatever reason, nothing came up. I wasn't finding anything. 

What I remember as a year or two later but could very well have been only a few months, I was at my boyfriend's house watching Conan. He introduced the musical guest and "Do You Love Me" started playing. The song I had been looking for. I flipped out and it was a very exciting, happy moment.

2 | On Wednesday I came home from work and heard my boyfriend on a phone call on speaker. It sounded like he was talking to a friend but I didn't recognize the voice. Turns out it was a retail store's customer service representative.

They talked for nearly 45 minutes, about how the rep is from the Dominican Republic and had to pick an American sounding name so he picked Peter because he likes Peter Parker. About how he likes his job because it allows him to practice his English but at the same time, some people are so rude to him that even saying "hello" in a happy tone is difficult. About how he wants to own his own business one day.

Even though it was an odd situation, it was a reminder that customer service people are people too. Be kind to them.

3 | My boyfriend and I were able to score cheap tickets to the B96 Jingle Bash Thursday night. It was amazing. The Backstreet Boys performed and I sang so loud that my voice was hoarse Friday morning.

Logic also performed his song "1-800-273-8255" which felt magical. There's just something about singing "I finally wanna be alive" in an arena with 18,000 other people.

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