February Reads

I've been in such a reading slump this month, which is a bummer in general but especially after reading so many good books last month.

I tried reading "Alias Grace" by Margaret Atwood but ended up opting for the Netflix show instead. Luckily, I managed to finish two books just this past weekend so I do have something to talk about in this post.

Sunday Shares | What I've Been Loving

Hi, friends. Thanks for checking in. This week I had plans on three weekdays, which for a lot of people probably isn't anything, but for someone who likes to spread out social events and recently bought a shirt that says "indoorsy," it felt like a lot.

At first I thought, man, this sucks, because it's less time I could spend at the gym or writing or what have you. Then again, how lucky am I to have such great people in my life? And how lucky am I that they want to spend so much time with me? So I changed my mind and let myself enjoy it all.

Then, for balance, I stayed in on Saturday to decompress. It was magical.

Here's what I've been loving lately:

How I'm Trying To Better Connect With People

One of the podcasts that I follow pretty regularly is Mind Body Musings, a wellness podcast that is often directed toward inspiring women but can offer insight helpful to anyone. An episode went up recently about six ways to connect with someone both quickly and deeply.

The title alone caught my eye. I like connecting with people. I'm not a fan of small talk (partially because I'm also not good at it) and would much rather talk about something more significant. I like the parts of friendship where you can feel that the two of you are bonding over something.

Listening to the episode, though, made me realize that while I may enjoy connecting with others, I'm not always acting like I do, and that if I changed a few of my behaviors, even a little, I could have better connections with the people around me.

Finding Your Spark: Embracing Fear, Being Present And Making The Road Home

I decided to start the "Finding Your Spark" series to shine a light on different types of people who are following various paths – their OWN paths, whatever those may be. The whole idea is that there's no single way to live life and a person doesn't have to be "famous" to inspire others. These individuals have found what inspires them, motivates them, makes them happy. And they've run with it.

Read all posts in this series here.

Today's interview is with my friend Eileen, one of the most courageous, big-hearted, and inspiring people I know.

I met Eileen at work nearly three years ago. She's one of those people who you know you want to be friends with as soon as you meet them. I remember one day at lunch, a bunch of us were chatting and got into the What Would You Do If You Won The Lottery? conversation. Eileen said without hesitation that she likes the idea of not having a mailing address so she'd spend the money on traveling.

Seven Years In

This Valentine's Day, I wanted to talk about how relationships, even long ones, are always full of learning and progress.

I don't know if I've ever said my boyfriend's name on here, which is odd because it's not a secret, and I’ve certainly said some of my friend's names. So, his name's Rahul, and last month, January 2018, marked ten years of us knowing each other. It's insane to think about.

Sunday Shares | What I've Been Loving

Hi, friends. Thanks for checking in. What an eventful two weeks it's been.

I went to see John Mulaney at the Chicago Theatre with two of my friends. I had bought the tickets back in June and the six-month wait was totally worth it. Seeing a comedian live and laughing together with a group of people is one of the best feelings. I also had the cutest Galentine's Day celebration yesterday filled with mini waffles, a cookie cake, and good company.

As a side note, I've been trying to get in the habit of saying "excuse me" instead of "sorry." I realized I apologize a lot when I don't have to. I want to try to eliminate it from my vocabulary when it doesn't have to be there so when I say it for real, it means more.

Here's what I've been loving lately:

Advice You Shouldn't Listen To Pt. III

I've put up a couple of these posts in the past, gathering pieces of advice or sayings that are commonly passed around but that I disagree with, to a certain extent. The first post was back in September 2016, and the second was last January. Now I'm back for another round.

While it's a list of only three, they're three that I think are important to consider. Because not all of the advice on the Internet is worth listening to.

On Overcoming The Comparison Trap

Part of my mission to release this year is to not compare myself to others so much. I'm guilty of it more often than I'd like to be. I know that "comparison is the thief of joy" and yet I still do it. I can't help it.

Comparison is a dangerous hole to fall down. It's a trap that tricks us into not being happy anymore, even when we were just a minute ago. Even when our circumstances didn't even change.

You were thrilled about your promotion at work until you found out that one of your good friends has a higher salary, and suddenly the promotion isn't worth celebrating. You're blissful in your relationship until you hear about your friend's engagement, and suddenly you're unfulfilled. What you were once perfectly satisfied with or even excited about suddenly isn't good enough, simply because you measured it up against someone else's life.