April Reads

Book 11:
"The Best Kind of People" by Zoe Whittall
Plot: Ten years ago, George Woodbury stopped a school shooting and became teacher of the year. He's respected and trusted by everyone in his community, in the wealthy town of Avalon Hills. That all changes the night he's arrested. Students at his school, classmates and friends of his daughter, are accusing him of sexual misconduct during a weekend field trip. His family struggles with the news, torn between defending a man they love and being honest about the possibility of his guilt.

Sunday Shares | What I've Been Loving

Happy Sunday, friends. I am writing this Saturday evening from my bed, where I've been spending most of the day. Eventually I'll get up and do something more productive, but for now I'm relaxing after a stressful work week and busy morning full of car-related errands, making my way through season three of "Love" on Netflix.

Five Organization Tips For Apartment Living

I am a big fan of all things organization. I was one of those kids who looked forward to school supply shopping and am one of those adults who spend a lot of time trying to find the perfect planner. Living in an apartment, and especially sharing an apartment with another person who has a lot of stuff, keeping things in order has become very important.

Over the past year, I've stumbled upon a handful of organization tips and tricks that I'm so happy about. They're good for any living situation really, but I find them particularly helpful for an apartment due to having less space (and let's be honest, probably money).

Finding My Writing Voice

I haven't posted much about my ~emotions and feelings~ lately, which is funny because I've actually been feeling more emotional than usual the past month or so. I've felt sensitive, pensive, and fragile. I guess when my mind is loudest, my writing goes quiet. Publicly, anyway.

This past week I've been comparing myself a lot to others, tricking myself into feeling insecure about things I was perfectly happy with, which I had gotten pretty good at not doing.

Part of it was about writing. Overanalyzing my blog and now writing about writing, again. It's certainly not the first time.

Writing comes in many forms. 
Writers come in many forms. 
None better than another.

But still.

What It Takes To Road Trip Around The U.S.

In February and March, I published a two-part Finding Your Spark interview with my friend Eileen, who quit her job last summer to go on a 90-day road trip around the U.S.

After each post went up, I received messages from people asking about the financial aspects of a trip like that. How much did it cost, how did she save and spend her money, etc. I hadn't asked Eileen any money-related questions through the interview because it can be a sort of taboo subject. At the same time, when you're talking about a road trip that lasted a few months and had a lot of spur-the-moment decisions and plans, it's not unusual for someone's first thought to be, I wonder how much a trip like that costs.

Sunday Shares | What I've Been Loving

Happy Sunday, friends. Last week I got this cute plant and Broad City card as a "just because"/"thank you" gift at work and it absolutely made my day. Never underestimate a nice gesture. They are important.

Inside The FabFitFun Spring Box

Not a creative name – in fact, it's the exact same one I used for the winter box – but the only other names I could think of involved some sort of bad play on words with "spring," so we'll just stick with the basics. Telling it like it is.

It's that time again! The FabFitFun box is here and I am loving it. It's my favorite part of every season, a subscription box that comes every three months, filled with beauty, fitness, and lifestyle products. For ten dollars off your first box, click HERE.

Now here's what was in the latest box:

Avoiding A Slump

Today we're getting back into my year's goal of releasing and not letting negative things rule my life.

Every so often, I'll hit a slump. The specifics of this change. Sometimes it's a writing slump where I'm out of blog post ideas, sometimes it's an emotional slump where I'm feeling vaguely sad for no reason, or it can be something else completely.

The gist is that it's not great, and I like to avoid it if possible. To kick it before it kicks me.

I'm focusing on it now because I can feel that it's a sensitive time for me. One big reason for it is that I spent about half of March being sick. It left me feeling cooped up, antsy, and boring. I didn't hang out with friends too much or make many plans. Half the month was spent on my couch. Even though it's normal – you're supposed to rest and take it easy when you're sick – it still doesn't feel good.

Now that I'm coming out the other side, it's time for me to get moving again. I've learned what I have to do, and not do, to avoid falling into a slump.