A Mid-Year Check-In

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Not to be cliché, but how the frick is it already June? I feel like the first three months of the year went by slowly (AKA perfectly) but since March, time has flown. I'm not a fan. But it is an opportune time for me to put up a post I've been crafting in my head for a week or two now. It's part reflection and part bucket list.

I was thinking about the resolutions and goals I had set for myself for the year, whether I met them, and what I want to improve on for the second half of the year.

My main resolution this year focused on the word release. Letting things go and not getting so consumed by the negative. I really kept this in the front of my mind at the beginning of the year but have lost sight of it lately. I'm trying to get back into it. One aspect of that has been putting my blog on hold when I need to. While I don't like to do that, in the big picture, out of doing my actual full-time job, getting some exercise, publishing blog posts, cooking, keeping my home clean, and getting enough sleep, blogging has to be the thing to get cut. So I'm doing that when I need to, and I'm not stressing out about it.

Aside from that, I had four other things I hoped to do this year:

1. Watch more documentaries. I've watched a few. Granted, I think they've all been true crime documentaries and I could definitely broaden my horizons a bit and watch other types, but they still count.

2. Go to the movie theatre solo to see what that's like. I did this! And I really liked it! I definitely plan to do this more often.

3. Check out new classes at my gym. I think the only new class I've tried is just a different kind of yoga. Because I go to the gym on weekday evenings, my options are limited. There are a few interesting classes on weekend mornings. Maybe I'll try one of those sometime.

4. Try an open mic/stand-up. Maybe. Who knows if this one will ever actually happen. Maybe it's a hypothetical dream rather than an actual bucket-list goal.

*     *     *

Even though I haven't done 100 percent of what I originally wanted to do, why not add more to the list? Reflecting on the first half of the year, there are a few things I want to do differently for the second half.

Meal prepping.
Ideally, part of my Sundays would be spent preparing lunches for the week. Unfortunately, I usually get wrapped up in the Lazy Sunday mentality and don't cook much of anything in advance. The consequence is that I end up scrambling to scrap something together for lunch, which often doesn't end up filling my appetite. Cooking sucks when it's something you have to do because otherwise you don't have any ready-to-eat food. I want to be more on top of that so I can enjoy cooking.

Establishing better eating habits.
When it comes to being healthy, I'm better at the exercise part. Working out is a solid habit for me, to the point where I feel weird if I don't do it. The food part, though, could use some work. Overall, I eat pretty healthy, but what I want to focus on specifically is portion control and less mindless snacking. It isn't to lose weight or anything like that, it's because it'd probably make me feel a lot better physically.

Working out on weekends.
I generally work out Monday through Thursday, take Friday off to rest, tell myself I'll go to the gym Saturday and/or Sunday morning, and end up going neither of those days. I want to start working out on the weekends too, even something light, just to keep my body moving. There's no reason I can't squeeze in a 30-minute workout on a Saturday morning. That's an episode and a half of "The Office" that I could watch while doing abs on my living room floor.

Journaling before talking.
This is a last minute addition to the list. It just dawned on me, and I think it'd be helpful. The first page of all of my journals begin pretty much the same way: Starting a new journal for a fresh start. I'm going to try to write every day. Or at least most days. For real this time. I fell out of the habit but I'm getting back into it. Then I write habitually for a few weeks before I fall out of it again, only to start up with a whole new journal again in 6-12 months. The good news is that I've been pretty consistent with it since January. My new goal is to address problems by writing it out and then talking it out with someone else. Chances are the writing part alone will make me feel better and give me a clearer head, and then I don't have to bother someone else about it and make it a whole thing.

Continuing to release.
My key resolution. Always.

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