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Sunday, June 3, 2018

Wowie, there's been a lot going on. Get comfortable and let me walk you through the past two weeks.

First off, both weeks were four-day work weeks, which is reason enough to be happy. I took the Friday before Memorial Day weekend off because my friend was in town from Colorado and I wanted as much time with her as possible. Despite living a thousand miles away from each other, we stay pretty involved in each other's day-to-day lives. Still, we're able to talk for pretty much ten hours straight when we see each other in person. Every time I see her I'm thankful to have such a comfortable friendship.

On Saturday of that weekend, I spent the afternoon cleaning out my closet (I have four bags of clothes and shoes in the trunk of my car to drop off at Good Will... eventually) and the evening with a friend drinking sangria by the pool. When I'm no longer living in an apartment, I'll miss having a pool right outside.

Sunday, I met some of Rahul's extended family for the first time at their annual Memorial Day weekend barbecue, and I ate enough food to last me a month. After three busy days, Monday was my designated relaxation day. Nothing but reading my book, walking around the lake, and hanging out poolside. I love summertime at my apartment.

This past week has felt just as busy. You know I'm prone to lowkey weekdays. Not this time. On Wednesday, I drove into the city after work to see The Kooks, and on Friday I did it again to see Taylor Swift. Both were great shows.

Now I need to do nothing for a while.
Here's what I've been loving lately:

"Evil Genius"

The latest true crime Netflix original that I binged over just a couple of days. It's about the pizza bomber AKA collar bomb heist in 2003. If you listen to "My Favorite Murder," you might be familiar with it. The whole thing is insanely elaborate, with a lot of people involved for different reasons. To a certain extent, it's still very open-ended which is simultaneously frustrating and one of the things that makes it so interesting.


When I'm in the car or at the gym, I'm usually listening to a podcast rather than music, but lately I've been leaning toward audiobooks instead. I've only ever listened to two, "Modern Romance" and "Yes Please" last year.

Currently, I'm using an Audible trial again and am debating what to do after that's finished. Sign up for an Audible membership? Maybe try out Scribd? Something else? If you know of a good site or app to use, let me know!

Capriccio Bubbly Sangria

I hadn't heard of this until just a couple of weeks ago but since trying it, I've been seeing on Instagram a lot. Maybe it's The Drink this season. If you like sangria, I'd recommend it. It's delicious.


"Adrift" is a movie based on a true story, about a couple sailing from Tahiti to San Diego when they are hit by a catastrophic hurricane. After the storm, with their boat badly damaged and no hope of rescue since they were blown off course, they must find a way to survive.

Since it's a true story, it'd be easy to come across spoilers, so I purposely didn't read anything extra before seeing it. I only knew the general premise, and that's all I wanted to know. I thought the movie was great, especially since I went into it blindly, not knowing at all what would happen. Shailene Woodley is a great actress. I have seen her in such a variety of roles, and she does a great job every time.

Using less plastic

I've been trying to use less plastic lately. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that I no longer use store's coffee cups, if I can help it. Instead, I bring my own thermos and ask them to make the drink in that. I bought reusable, stainless steel straws to use at home for smoothies and to bring with me so I don't have to use plastic straws when I'm out. I also stopped buying the single-serve cups of yogurt, opting for the bigger tubs and scooping out servings into tupperware to take to work each day, along with a tiny tupperware full of granola instead of a Ziploc bag.

They are small acts but they're simple and easy. Plus they make me feel like I'm doing something good.

What are you loving lately?

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