90s Throwbacks And Finding Fulfillment | Sunday Shares

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Happy Sunday, friends. I'm still behind on my writing, so instead of scheduling this a day in advance like I usually [try to] do, it's 10:15 on Sunday morning and I'm writing this while sipping my coffee and getting distracted by other blogs or tabs I have open.

I can't believe it's already been two weeks since my last Sunday Shares. It feels like I just put that up. Time flies when you're in a writing rut, I guess!

Here's what I've been loving lately:

Huji Cam

This app has been around for almost a full year. I remember downloading it a while ago, possibly when it first came out, playing around with it for a bit, then uninstalling it soon after. Now I've downloaded it again. Essentially, it's a mock disposable camera app that makes your pictures look like they're from 1998.

You can toggle the random light effects on and off, and for an extra 99 cents, you can get the option to import photos from your camera roll. It's weird but cool. I'm sure you'll be seeing some of these scattered around my Instagram page.

Hummingbird ankle strap sandals

I bought these because I was in need of sandals that were casual and comfortable, yet nice enough to wear to work. (My workplace has a casual dress code, but I can't always be wearing my Birkenstock-style sandals in the office, you know?) One trip to Target and voilà, found some

"Secret Keepers Club" podcast

Does anyone remember MTV's "Girl Code"? And if you do, do you remember Carly Aquilino? Turns out she has a podcast, "Secret Keepers Club." Even though I follow her on Instagram, I somehow didn't know this until three episodes were already put out. I subscribed before I even knew what it was all about.

In each episode, Carly and her co-host Emma Willmann answer a few emails sent in by listeners. In between those, there's plenty of hilarious (and inappropriate, so be warned) conversation.

Hannah Brencher on "Coffee & Honeycomb" podcast

I started following Jenny Park on Instagram a couple of months ago, and at the end of June, she announced that she was starting a podcast. Her latest episode with Hannah Brencher is one of my favorites of any podcast.

I've kept up with Hannah's blog posts for a long while now. She always seems to have her shit together, even when she's open about the times that she doesn't. In her episode on "Coffee & Honeycomb," she talks about the importance of discipline and building your character, rather than a following. My biggest takeaway was her point that we should all focus on investing ourselves in other people. That's where we will get the most fulfillment in life.

Starbucks' Caffe Verona

I tend to buy one bag of coffee grounds and then drink nothing but that until it's gone. Maybe that's what most people do? But I think I'd rather have a few options to enjoy different flavors. The latest is Starbucks' Caffe Verona, scooped up from Mariano's while on sale. My first sip of this was the happiest. I prefer dark roasts, and this has a hint of cocoa. Delicious.

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