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Sunday, September 2, 2018

Happy second day of September, friends.

I think September is my favorite month, which doesn't make total sense since Spring is my favorite season, but whatever. September is nice. It's a good balance, half summer, half fall. Half it's-so-sunny-and-nice-outside, half I-can-finally-wear-a-cozy-sweater. A transition month. I love it.

I'm finishing up this post bright and early Sunday morning while making my way through a bowl of fresh cut cantaloupe. I randomly woke up at 7 today and forced myself out of bed before I fell back asleep for another three hours. Now I'm getting the peaceful solo morning time I love.

Later today I'm going to my sister's for a pool and/or game day with my family. After that, I'm headed into the city for a Hannibal Buress show. Today is the only day of this three-day weekend that I have solid plans and I secretly love it. Part of me wishes I was doing more, but I do appreciate the time to relax and recharge.

Here's what I've been loving lately:

Going to the hair salon

This is a regular, no-extra-thought-required activity for probably everybody. Me, though? Before this, I'd been cutting my own hair for 10 years. Maybe 11. Since I was about 15, and back then I was just going to a Great Clips, so I had absolutely no clue how salons work. I don't know what made me decide to start getting it professionally cut again. I see women post about their new haircuts and I guess I just wanted to see what that's all about.

I was very nervous going into it. When booking the appointment, I told the receptionist it had been 10 years so she could schedule me with an extra good stylist. Then when I was there, I told the stylist. It all went well (which is not a surprise to any of you, I'm sure). My hair felt soft and healthy and didn't look terrible like I feared. I'll definitely be going again.

"To All The Boys I've Loved Before"

Netflix's latest hit. Sixteen-year-old Lara Jean has a box hidden in her room filled with five love letters, one for every boy she's loved. She bares her soul in these letters, writing about how she truly feels, because she's the only one who's ever going to read them anyway. Then one day, the letters are secretly mailed, and each boy knows how Lara Jean really feels.

I watched this movie because everyone else was watching it, but I wasn't sure how the storyline would play out. I thought it might turn into a "Oh no, which one of these five boys should I choose?" plot. It was so much more than that, though. It's a sweet story and a nice, feel-good movie.

Bath and Body Works CocoShea Honey body scrub

While wasting time before a movie, I went into a Bath and Body Works for the first time since probably last Christmas. Somehow I  am always surprised by how much they have. I could have spent hours there. I bought too many things but my favorite was their CocoShea Honey body scrub. It leaves my skin feeling ridiculously smooth.

Eating less meat

Lately I've been actively trying to eat less meat. I usually eat meat every day, in most of my meals. I felt like the food wasn't a meal unless it had some chicken in it, or else how am I going to feel full? Now that's been cut down to about once a week, maybe twice if I'm going out.

Instead, I've been eating more vegetables, with fish or eggs for protein. My goal isn't to go vegetarian. I don't think I ever could nor would I want to. The reason for it was just curiosity. I wanted to see if I'd feel any different. Turns out I do. After the first ten days, I noticed that I felt less sluggish and definitely less bloated. It feels good.

C.C. Cream

For my everyday makeup reoutine, I use B.B. cream rather than foundation since it's more lightweight. My go-to has been Maybelline Fresh. Recently I've been using their "Pure" version which is actually more of a C.C. cream, color-correcting. It's still lightweight, still doesn't dry out my skin, plus it helps more when it comes to redness or blemishes.

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