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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Happy Sunday, friends. My last real Sunday in this apartment. Our first apartment. Next weekend, we move, and by the time my next Sunday Shares goes up in two weeks, we'll hopefully be settled in, for the most part.

The blog has been pushed to the back-burner again lately whilst we sort everything out for the move. I've had so many ideas piling up that I have all of the posts for October mapped out already. Here's hoping I can get myself to sit down and focus long enough to actually get them written. Our new place is a two-bedroom so I'll have an office of sorts, which I'm sure will help. I'm definitely looking forward to that.

The past two weeks have been all about weddings. I went bridesmaid dress shopping for one friend's wedding (and we somehow managed to find one that all nine of us liked) and went to a bachelorette party last night for another's. All of it is new to me and I'm loving it. I love celebrating my friends.

Here's what I've been loving lately:

"Ozark" season 2

It's dangerous for Netflix to release a season of a show on a holiday weekend because then I will not only spend the entire weekend bingeing the season, but it'll be three days of nothing but Netflix. (I'm a very exciting person.) Needless to say, season 2 of "Ozark" came out Labor Day weekend and we made our way through it pretty quickly.

"Rebranding Motherhood"

I loved reading through this article about rebranding motherhood. Women are automatically expected to grow up, get married, and have children. At the same time, most of what we hear about it is how difficult it is. That's not to say being a mother, or being a parent, isn't challenging. I know it is. But there's significantly less focus on the good parts of it all.

"Motherhood, parenthood, is a choice – like getting married, writing a book or choosing one city to call home – and like all those choices, it means forgoing other choices. So it's unclear why this one choice has become synonymous with sacrifice."

"Unspoken" podcast

Ruthie Lindsey's "Unspoken" podcast is finally out and after only two episodes, I'm already obsessed. The first episode was with Jedidiah Jenkins, who always opens my heart and mind whenever I listen to a conversation with him or read his writing.

In the episode, he talks about his coming out story. He also talks about his relationship with his mom, who doesn't reject him but doesn't accept that part of him. Despite that, he refers to her as an angel. He understands the context of her situation – she had a kid in the 80s and was reading in the news that AIDS is a curse for gay men while noticing that her own child might be gay. She knew he would live a difficult life and didn't want that for him. What I love about Jedidiah Jenkins is that when he's faced with an opposing view, instead of arguing his side or getting defensive, he responds with curiosity. Why do you feel like that? What makes you think that? It is so inspiring.

The second episode was with Sophia Bush, in which they talk a lot about her activism. She talks about how some people who don't like what she does will say, "Stick to acting," but she doesn't view acting as who she is. Being an actor is her job. Speaking her voice and standing up for what she believes in is who she is.

At this point, I'm rambling. They were both very good episodes and I can't wait for more.

"I Met You When I Was 18" – Lauv

When I like a song, I tend to play it on repeat for days, to the point where my boyfriend will ask me to please play something else, anything else. Lately I've been listening to Lauv's latest album, "I Met You When I Was 18."

My favorite songs are "I Like Me Better" (of course, though I hope the radio constantly playing this doesn't make me hate it), "Chasing Fire" and "Bracelet."

"Pick Three" motto

I've recently added a new podcast into my rotation thanks to my friend Laura: "The Margarita Confessionals." The first episode I listened to was about finding balance and prioritizing your life. The guest, Randi Zuckerberg, talked about her "Pick Three" motto, a mindset I plan on incorporating into my daily life.

The whole idea is that there are five categories in our lives: work, sleep, family, friends, and fitness. It's unrealistic to expect ourselves to be able to be successful in all five every single day. So, pick three. The three we choose to focus on will change depending on our situation. To be great at any of them, we have to give ourselves permission to prioritize.

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