December Reads

Book 36:
"You" by Caroline Kepnes
When Joe meets Beck at the bookstore – him at the register and her buying a book – he is immediately taken. And she must feel the same way, because she paid with a credit card instead of cash because she wanted him to know her name, right? He Googles her and learns everything he can about her, devouring all of the information from her social media, right down to her address. He molds himself into Beck's perfect guy, while she's clueless about it all.

Reflecting On 2018

At the end of last year when I turned 25, my older sister told me that 25 to 30 is the time where you learn what you want, what you'll do for what you want, and what you won't do for what you want. While I'm only one year in to that range, it's been true so far. I actually learned that exact lesson in "Unfu*k Yourself" too, in which Bishop tells us to stop setting goals based on what we think we want and to do it based on what we are willing and unwilling to do.

For me, 2018 was all about releasing. Letting go of obligations, worries, and doubts. Inviting calmness and peace.

I focused more on finding solutions rather than dwelling on problems. I was no longer willing to run myself into the ground for people who wouldn't appreciate it anyway. I took care of myself, even if that meant accomplishing less in a day. (And I reminded myself that my worth is not measured by my productivity.) We moved into a condo that gave us more space and shorter commutes, and almost immediately I felt a lot of my anxieties melt away.

2018 was one big exhale. I'm happy with where it took me.

I'm A Sucker For Instagram Trends | Sunday Shares

Oh, hello. My first Sunday Shares post in five weeks. It certainly has been a while since one of these, now that I'm only posting once a week.

I'm realizing that I'm not great at fully relaxing. I do the actions just fine – watching a movie, painting my nails, reading, chilling out – but I end up feeling lazy for it because mentally I'm still thinking about all of the things I should be doing instead. It's a very Hurry up and relax kind of feeling. This weekend I am doing my best to let myself enjoy the holiday weekend without any stressful expectations.

This year we had our own Christmas tree for the first time and it makes our living room feel so cozy, especially now with all of the presents underneath. I'm going to be sad when it comes time to take it all down.

Here's what I've been loving lately:

The Best Way To Spread Christmas Cheer

For the past few years, I've sent out Christmas cards to a handful of friends, because, as Jim Halpert said, Christmas is the time to tell people how you feel.

The first year that I sent out Christmas cards was the year that I moved into my first apartment, living solo, which is something I thought I would never do. I always get super sappy around the holidays. It's such a cozy time, and it's at the end of the year when we're all caught up in reflecting on our lives.

That year, I was proud of myself and grateful for all of the people I had in my life while I transitioned into The Real World, so that Christmas and every year since, I used the holiday as an excuse to send what were practically love letters, gushing to my friends about how much I loved them, in case I didn't tell them enough throughout the rest of the year (I never do).